Changing Music Teachers – A How To Guide

What Happens If My Music Teacher Can No Longer Teach Me? This article is for students who are experiencing a teacher change. It gives you points to consider, as well as a fresh outlook on a situation that you may be approaching reluctantly due to the bond established between your private music teacher your student(s).

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Changing Music Teachers

What Can My Rock Guitar Student Play at a Recital?

Rock Guitar Student Rocks Recitals! One of the most universal goals for students taking music lessons is to have the opportunity to perform. That’s why talent shows, showcases, open mics, and concerts are such a popular forum. It’s a gift to be able to share your musical talents and achievements with an audience, and the

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Guitar Student

Debunking Drum Lessons – We Don’t Want To Hear It

I think most people can agree that the idea of being a drummer is super cool, but it’s still an instrument that lacks the same popularity in lessons and willingness to get started as—say—piano and guitar. Even culturally, I can say that as a musician, I know far fewer drummers than other instrumentalists, and they

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Starting Drum Lessons

Accreditation & Adjudicated Piano Events – Getting Started

How to Get Started with Piano Accreditation Exams and Adjudicated Events This article is a student’s guide to pursuing standardized exams and festival events for piano accreditation. The goal of this article is to take the intimidation and mystery out of going for these achievements by explaining their benefit and ease of taking the first

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Piano Accreditation

First 3 Months Of Piano Lessons – A Teachers Guide

This article is for teachers of young beginners on piano who need lesson plan ideas. General thoughts included here work especially well for the first 3 months of study, which is when a routine and familiarity is established with the instrument. For young beginners, piano study is a great way to begin music lessons, and

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beginners piano