Are Voice Lessons Needed If My Child Is a Great Performer Already?

shutterstock_1974833972Voice lessons are a fantastic outlet for children of all ages to express themselves and create a lasting love of music. Even children who are already eloquent and entertaining would benefit from voice lessons in Houston. Think of it this way, would a professional athlete still attend practice? The answer is yes, why? Because they can always learn new things and continue to condition their skills to improve. Voice lessons have just as much importance! Finding the best voice teacher for your child is very simple, and can result in increasing your child’s love of music, continue to build their performance abilities, and improve intelligence. Here are a few reasons why starting voice lessons are such a great idea.

Performing is not the same as voice lessons

A big misconception is that voice lessons aren’t needed if a child is already expressive and confident in front of a crowd. Voice lessons do more than just teach children how to express themselves. Each lesson trains and enhances a child’s technical, musical, and speech abilities to a new level. While performing in front of crowds is satisfying, learning how to use their voice properly while performing expands a child’s artistic horizons.

Voice lessons can teach you more than just performing

Learning how to properly use their voice can benefit your child more than you think. Voice lessons can introduce vocal technique, vocal range, music theory, songwriting and more. Voice teachers work individually with your child to improve their musical talent during each lesson. Over time, your child will learn the basics of music with not just singing, but identify composers/musicians, repertoire choices, increase their musical ear, and learn how to read music.

Voice lessons can teach children to appreciate music more

Children can learn to love all kinds of music from taking voice lessons. Music is so often called a universal language due to its ability to move through different languages, cultures, and time. Singers can communicate and connect through music with expression, emotion, impression, and ideas. By giving a voice to your child through voice lessons, they will learn how to communicate with others and grow to appreciate all languages and cultures.

Voice lessons can help improve children’s speech

It has been proven that by taking voice lessons, speech and language can significantly improve in tone and clarity. Part of singing includes speech and language, sometimes not just English! Many singers study diction and enunciation to properly sing different languages correctly. By working in voice lessons to train the muscles that control speech and language, a child can learn so many tools to help them with their quality of speaking.

Voice lessons can improve performing and confidence

Even if your child is an excellent performer on different stages, singing brings with it a whole new can of worms. Expressing oneself on stage with just your voice can be completely vulnerable and nerve-wracking. Teaching children how to express themselves with confidence is a key element to voice lessons. By being vulnerable with an audience, your child can learn how to connect and express themselves easier with others.

Voice lessons can increase brain function and focus

Research shows that children that study a musical instrument develop higher IQs, hand-eye, hand-to-hand and right-left brain coordination, memorization and study skills, and increase their ability to multitask. Learning music teaches children basic study skills that promote memorization. Singing while performing a song instigates multitasking and complex brain coordination. Research also shows that learning to read music enhances mathematical and scientific skills. Taking voice lessons couldn’t be more beneficial to your child’s life!

Voice lessons are fun

The most important thing about taking voice lessons is that it’s fun! Singing and performing gives your child the gift of music and expression. Learning to sing and perform is an absolute gift that will be cherished by your child for a lifetime and becomes a medium for your child’s growth and entertainment.

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Are Voice Lessons Needed If My Child Is a Great Performer Already

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