Are Piano Lessons Needed If My Child Is Already A Great Performer

shutterstock_2264979829When I first began making music, I was not studying with a professional music educator. I knew how to read rhythms, note names, and I understood the language of music very well for my age. As I grew older, it became evident that I had some bad habits in my playing that were preventing me from becoming the best musician I could be. This is a story I hear often as a piano instructor, and it is one of the reasons why having a piano instructor is so valuable to a musician’s success. Whether your student already has a great understanding of the piano or is looking to take their first step into learning how to play the piano, students of every skill level benefit from private piano lessons in Seattle with a seasoned music instructor. Here are 5 reasons why:

Private Music Education Provide Structure for Students’ Progress

I always tell my students that the most important aspect of their practice must be consistency. A huge part of this consistency comes from piano teachers providing structure, helping students find a rhythm to their learning. This structure is the best way for students to make great progress in their lessons. Instructors provide students with attainable weekly goals to achieve and specific tasks to practice, guiding your student in becoming the best musician they can be. These small goals equal big results when learning to play the piano.

Teachers Offer a Wealth of Creative Solutions for Learning Difficult Music

We are professional musicians, we have played a lot of music in our lives, and we have encountered a lot of difficult music. A huge part of what we do as piano teachers in Seattle is guide students in applying different methods of practice in their preparation for lessons. Every instructor at Lessons In Your Home approaches this topic with patience, providing many unique, valuable approaches to learning challenging music. Students use these skills and they create a catalogue of practice techniques that they can continuously apply throughout their lives as musicians.

Music Lessons Equip Your Student with the Confidence and Ability to Perform in Front of an Audience

Performing music for people is one of the most intimidating aspects of making music for just about everyone. Instructors at Lessons In Your Home have performed in front of many audiences in many situations. With this experience, we are ready to instill your student with the confidence they need through guiding them in managing their nerves, understanding performance etiquette, and ensuring their piece is performance ready.

Experienced Musicians Help Your Student Avoid Bad Habits and Maintain Good Habits

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, bad habits sank into my playing at an early age. The difficult thing about this was that I had no idea I was forming bad habits until much later. It was not until I started studying with a private music instructor in college that I began to undo these habits. The longer these habits are part of a musician’s playing, the harder they are to reverse. These habits usually seem insignificant and non-destructive, such as a wrist positioning that is slightly crooked or depressing piano keys with too much force, but some of these habits can pose issues later in a students’ playing life. Experienced piano instructors help your student avoid these issues in their playing by encouraging them to make a habit of good posture, playing technique, practice routine, and many other aspects of their playing.

Instructors Foster a Supportive and Loving Learning Environment

Our teachers at Lessons in your home believe that learning music in a positive environment is key to cultivating a students’ engagement in and passion for music. As instructors, we inspire students to refine their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. We challenge students to strive for excellence, give their questions dignity, and show grace in their mistakes. It is in this positive atmosphere that a student can best grow into becoming the best musician they can be. We will come right to your home for every lesson, plus we offer virtual music lessons, too. However, our online music lessons are being taught by local music teachers with live lessons tailored to your child! Contact us today to learn more.
By Brian Schappals

Are Piano Lessons Needed If My Child Is Already A Great Performer

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