Announcing Our Winner of the Lessons in Your Home Scholarship!

Back in Fall of 2019, Lessons in Your Home launched its first scholarship. The purpose of this scholarship was to highlight a talented individual who was pursuing an education in music and was in need of financial assistance. We are proud to announce Andrew Wolfson as the winner of our scholarship award! Find out more about Andrew, his essay, and our interview with him below.

Introducing the Scholarship Winner: Andrew Wolfson

Andrew discovered this scholarship through Scholarship Owl. He narrowed down a list of scholarships he was eligible for in a google sheet and got to work applying for them. “There weren’t many I was eligible for, but I applied for everyone single one I could,” he shared.
Needless to say, Andrew grabbed Lessons in Your Home’s attention with his essay response to our prompt, “Why the World Needs Music”.

Andrew’s Story

Currently, Andrew is studying music therapy to be licensed as a psychotherapist. He is in grad school at SUNY New Paltz Music in Upstate, New York.
Andrew was traditionally a guitar player and had great success in playing live music. He toured both the US and Europe with bands, and always enjoyed sharing the experience of live music with people.
It wasn’t until the last couple of years that Andrew realized he wanted to remove the stage and give the feeling of music more directly: through music therapy.

Music Therapy

Music therapy is known to provide healing and improve the quality of life for individuals struggling with health disorders. Andrew encourages people to look up the benefits of music therapy and added, “Music therapy isn’t only for people who deal with disorders; every person can get something from it.”
When asked how winning this scholarship would personally impact him, Andrew shared how this award would help him pay for a degree that would ultimately help other people. “It’s not going to something that’s solely for making money, it’s all about the ethos of why the world needs music,” he shared in relation to the topic essay.

Closing Thoughts

To conclude the interview, we asked Andrew if there were any last comments he had for Lessons in Your Home. He shared, “This has been a crazy year, and a lot of people are rethinking their businesses and their life. It’s obvious that in the next few years music lessons at home, telehealth, virtual lessons, and music therapy will increase in need. I’m so happy to win a scholarship from a company that is so ahead in prioritizing music and lessons at home.”
On behalf of the Lessons in Your Home team, Congratulations Andrew! We are moved by his story and are happy to contribute to his goal of becoming a psychotherapist in music therapy.

Let Us Help You Start Playing Music!

Since 1997, Lessons In Your Home has been bringing music lessons directly to student’s homes. We teach future musicians all across the country and we’d love to talk with you if your child is interested in learning an instrument. We also offer virtual lessons in light of Covid-19. Check back on our site for more scholarship opportunities, because you could end up just like Andrew! Contact us today to get started with lessons!

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