An In Home Trumpet Instructor can Make the Difference

When you hear a great musical ensemble-instrumental, that is- you can probably pick out the trumpet leading the pack, so to speak. The trumpet is one of those instruments used in just about every type of musical genre. It generally takes the lead, holds the melody, sets the tone for the group. The trumpet is an awesome instrument to get started on, and one that offers so many possibilities to the player. An in home trumpet instructor can set you on a course for great success in your future trumpet musical endeavors!

Unusual Sightings of the Trumpet

I was watching an old classic movie not too long ago and there was Fred Astaire playing the trumpet up front and center with a big band. Black and white movie, a little bit corny, but the trumpet sure looked great! I don’t know if Fred could actually play the trumpet, or if he only could with Hollywood magic, but I bet an in home trumpet instructor was called to the set at least a couple of times to give him some pointers! Are you ready to reach for your trumpet playing dreams? Do you have a student interested in participating in the school band, or a jazz ensemble? How about reviving some Louis Armstrong type music in your house? An in home trumpet instructor is for you!

Being Part of a Group

The trumpet can be a solo instrument. As I stated above, watching the trumpet in the old movies, there are many solo spots for the trumpet. The beauty is, it also has an incredible ability to be a supporting instrument as well and be part of a really fun group. The jazz ensembles, the huge marching band, or even the pep band; trumpets are a big part of those
groups and they just wouldn’t be the same without the trumpet. Do you want to be a great contributor to your particular ensemble? An in home trumpet instructor can give you that extra boost you need to make a significant difference in your playing ability. This will greatly enhance your playing experience, not to mention the sound of the group that you are playing with. This will only make you more popular to those whom you are playing alongside!

Breath Support is Key

With all the brass instruments and so many others, breath support becomes a crucial cornerstone to proper trumpet playing. An in home trumpet instructor will give you the exercises you need to really make your breath support and control all it can be. An amazing technique I have seen personally is something called, by some, circular breathing. It is amazing!  It allows for breaths to be taken while playing and makes the phrasing seem endless by the trumpet player. What a great skill to learn.

In Home vs. In Band Room

There are such benefits to both setting of learning. The band class helps to hone those skills of playing in a big group. It helps develop the skill of listening to those players around you and match pitch, feel the rhythm, learn to blend, etc. It is enjoyable to hear all the instruments come together and make the outstanding music we are all hoping to hear! The benefits of an in home trumpet instructor are probably obvious, but I’llstate a few.

  1. Personal attention given to
  2. Help on your particular area of struggle
  3. Identifying what will truly help improve your playing
  4. Mastering the music that has been given to you so that when you do play with others you are prepared

The benefits of having a personal instructor are great in number. It is a confidence builder for those who might find some of the music challenging, or even for those who seem to master it easily, but want to develop their skills even more. An in home music instructor allows you to practice different techniques and gain confidence in the privacy of your own home. Big pluses for anyone who wants to be musically successful.
Find a great in home trumpet instructor and get started today towards your dream of music! Our teachers will come right to your home for every lesson, plus we offer virtual music lessons, too. However, our online music lessons are being taught by local music teachers with live lessons tailored to your child! Contact us today to learn more.

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