Miami Music Teachers – Local and National Talent In Your Home

At Lessons In Your Home, we offer high quality music lessons in the comfort of your own home.  What separates us from the rest and makes us the perfect choice for your music lessons?  The teachers.  Here in Miami, we have some talented, first class teachers who will educate, encourage, and inspire you and your family to get the most out of your lessons with us.  Our teachers come from many diverse and professional backgrounds, and we couldn’t be more proud!

The Local Rock Stars

Miami is a city with a very prevalent and growing local music scene.  In Miami and all around Ft. Lauderdale, there is a large and growing number of local venues where Miami musicians are able to showcase their original art.  Quite a few of our Miami music teachers are involved in this scene.  Jake Fletcher has seen a great amount of success with his original project, Telekinetic Walrus and the Pride of Ions (great name, right?).  They will be performing this weekend at Friends Of Nature Festival along with international artists such as Cafe Tacvba and Matisyahu.
Alana Dym and Chris Valente are members of the popular Miami band, The Cornerstoners.  This band is also no stranger to music festivals as they have performed at Virginia Key Grassroots Festival, Orange Blossom Jamboree, and they have recently launched their own music festival, Fishoutawata, which debuted earlier this year.  Eduardo Balerdi and Shawn Saul are also involved in original musical projects all across South Florida.  These local heroes bring their unique experiences to their lessons and can help your student’s inner creativity flourish.

The International Rock Starts!

Some of our Miami music teachers have taken their talents to the next level and are still actively performing both nationally and internationally.  We are very proud to have these accomplished teachers on our staff.
Thania Sanz is a Grammy-Nominated lyricist and songwriter.  Her music has been featured in the David Lynch film, “Mulholland Drive” as well as the film, “The Depraved”.  As an accomplished studio musician, she has written music for many television shows for Telemundo, and has also had a song on FX’s popular TV show, “The Wire”.
Milana Strezeva is an accomplished performer of classical music.  She is a founding member of the award winning, Manhattan Piano Trio, one of the most active chamber groups in the country.  With this trio, she has performed all across the US and has even performed in South Africa, Europe, and Australia.  Milana has also received both her Bachelor and Master degrees from the very prestigious Juliard School.
A recent addition to our staff, Roy Mitchell-Cardenas is a member of the international Grammy-nominated rock band, MUTEMATH.  Roy has performed and toured in over 17 countries with this popular group and has had music in the popular film, “Twilight”.  As a fan of his music, I’m thrilled to have him on staff here at Lessons In Your Home.

The Rock Star Educators

Many of our Miami music teachers found their home doing what they love the most – teaching!  Akina Yura and Miryana Petrovic are currently working on their doctorate degrees in music at University of Miami.  Many of our teachers have earned their Master’s degrees and have therefore gained a lot of teaching experience at the University level.  Some of our teachers are currently teaching within the school system teaching chorus, band, and general music classes.  Vera Nji, Angelica DeJesus, Gisselle Sierra, and Joseph Saenz all fall into this prestigious category.  These teachers have all of the experience necessary to take any student’s music practice to the next level while still making sure everyone is having fun and enjoying their musical journey.


Whether these teachers are locally or internationally recognized for their expertise, you will clearly see the difference in our top notch teaching staff.  Aside from being very accomplished, they are truly great people that will absolutely light up your home.  We love our professional Miami music teachers and we hope you will too!

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