Why You Should Rent A Violin For Lessons

Whether or not to buy a stringed instrument is a huge decision. The cost varies drastically from roughly $100 to millions. So when is the right time to buy? A long time from now. If you are looking for violin lessons for your child, chances are it’s not time to purchase an instrument. I highly recommend that parents rent a violin for a while before purchasing and here are the reasons why it’s smart:

Reason #1, Will They Like Violin Lessons Or Orchestra

Rent A Violin
Rent Me:)

Find out if they even like it: They need to test the waters before you take the plunge. It would be pretty terrible if you spend $5,000 on a decent instrument that’s meant to last a while and 2 months in little Lily comes home and says she hates violin and hates orchestra. “Maybe she’ll get over it and learn to love it!” But maybe she won’t and now you’re out $5,000 and faced with the daunting task of selling it.

Reason #2 Violins Come In Different Sizes

They will outgrow it: This is probably the most significant reason. Violins come in several sizes for tiny children up to adults. If you buy a violin for a 12 year old child, you can bet that it won’t be the last one you buy. The soonest you should purchase an instrument is mid-late high school when they are about as tall as they are going to get. Arm length is the determining factor in sizing a violin student.

The size you play today will not be the same as tomorrow.
The size you play today will not be the same as tomorrow.

Reason #3 You Can Rent A Better Violin Then You Should Buy

Better quality: Rentals have a few different levels of quality so you can pay a few dollars more a month and have a better instrument than you might be able to buy, depending on your budget. Instrument quality makes a HUGE impact on the students learning experience.

Reason #4 Renting A Violin Can Lead To A Purchase

Rent to Own instead: Have your cake and eat it too. Many violin shops offer a rent to own policy where 85% of your rental costs can go towards the purchase of another instrument. Renting an instrument won’t feel like a “waste” with this arrangement.

Reason #5 Don’t Break The Bank If You Break Your Violin

Damage is inevitable: Children don’t treat violins like precious, fragile, pieces of artwork. They throw them, sit on them, drop them, swim with them, put stickers on them, and sword fight with them. When damages happen in these early years, and they WILL happen, you don’t have to replace it or pay hundreds for repairs. Rental costs include insurance for accidental damage!

So do yourself a favor and save yourself a headache. Rent A Violin!

Rent A Violin

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