How To Rent A Violin

So you’ve made the smart decision to rent a violin. Great choice! But how do you do it? Where should you go and what do you need to know? In my last article I spoke about why students should rent a violin, here are four easy steps on how to.

Local Violin Stores Rent Violins

Success With The Violin

Contact a local violin store: Explore the website to get an idea of the policies and FAQs. Find out rates and see if they have instruments in stock that could fit your child. They may not be able to tell you for sure but if they know her age they’ll have an idea what size violin she will need. Choose a violin shop that only sells violins, violas, cellos, and basses. If it sells band instruments too, it’s not a good enough quality shop. Don’t waste your money at a music store like that. Stick with actual violin shops! If you need help picking one, ask your teacher.

Bring Your Student With You To Rent A Violin

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Bring the student: To get the best possible fit, bring your child with you. You want a professional to size them in person, if possible. They’ll also tell the young student how to properly care for the violin. Hopefully having someone besides mom telling them how to care for it will prevent them from putting stickers all over it and submerging it in the tub!

Choosing Violin Rental Insurance Is A Good Thing

Get the violin rental insurance: Many places include insurance in the cost of the rental. If they don’t, BUY IT! For reasons I eluded to in Step #2. Avoid hundreds of dollars in costly repairs that will inevitably. Also, find out if string replacement is included in the insurance. Many people buy strings when they wear out because they don’t realize they have free ones waiting for them!

The Small Details In Renting A Violin

Don’t forget some important details: bow, violin case, rosin, shoulder rest, music stand, and even the book. Don’t leave until you have everything you need to get started with lessons!

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