Why Piano Is Special

What’s So Special About The Piano?

Why Piano
Piano is the key!

If you’re questioning which instrument to your son or daughter should play, this blog post is for you. Okay, so on stage, it’s a little cumbersome and as a performer, you can’t move around with it like you could a guitar or saxophone. But the piano has its own set of unique qualities that no other instrument can rival.

Every Style Of Music

Why Piano? The piano has an insane level of versatility. Think what the piano sounds like when Dr. John sits down and tickles out some New Orleans Jazz, and how different it sounds when Chris Martin, from Coldplay, takes a seat and starts singing over his chord heavy melodies.
The piano offers different textures that can be used in virtually every genre of music and fit perfectly if done right. You have no limits when you learn the piano. This versatility is why the piano is a great instrument to learn the foundations of music. It’s the perfect starting point for musicians.

Deepest Depths to the Stratosphere

Grand piano stings
Grand piano stings

A person’s voice is usually 2 – 3 octaves. Woodwind instruments are usually about 3 octaves. The guitar has about 4 octaves. The piano surpasses them all by double, and has 8 octaves!
This allows the pianist to play something dark and stormy to the prettiest fairy dances.

More Piano Songs, More Fun

The piano has the biggest repertoire of music. So, you’ll never get bored with piano because more music has been written for the piano than any other solo instrument.

Why Piano Is A One Man, Or Woman, Show

Unlike most instruments, the piano can accompany itself. The piano is usually used to play two parts simultaneously. This is one of its most unique qualities. With the piano, most of its music is written to provide chords and melody all played by one musician. Certain composition masters have written three part songs for the truly accomplished musicians to test their mettle i.e. Three Part Sinfonias by Bach and Stride Piano music.
All of these points lead people to call the piano the most versatile and best instrument to learn first. You learn music theory in a very easy to see way and also learn the different parts of music all in one place. Then you can take this knowledge to the next instrument to find the exact sound you like.

Why Piano

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