Orlando Guitar – Where And How To Get One!

How And Where To Buy A Guitar In Orlando

Guitar Orlando
Which Guitar is best for me?

Have you ever walked into a guitar store and realized you had no idea what you were looking for? It seems like there are thousands of guitars hanging on the wall. I spoke with gentleman at three different guitar stores in Orlando to see what advice they have to offer. Below are some simple things they recommend you look for to be sure you make a good investment.

Sam Ash – Try To Buy A Solid Wood Guitar

Kyle works at Sam Ash Music Store located at 912 Lee Rd. in Orlando. He recommends definitely paying attention to the type of wood the guitar is made with, as this affects the sound. Try to buy a guitar with solid wood rather than laminate, it will have a better tone/sound. Laminate is usually less expensive. You will probably also need some extra picks, strings, and a tuner. He recommends buying a reliable guitar, or a new one because they come with a manufacturer warranty. They also sell pre-owned. If you have more questions about the guitars Kyle sells you can reach him at (407) 599-1222.

Guitar Center – Does it Feel Good

Mike from the Orlando Guitar Center recommends paying attention to the sound, ease of hold, and the type of wood. “Does the guitar feel good?” He says sometimes you can get a good pre-owned deal if your budget plays a big factor in determining which guitar you can buy. For beginners Mike recommends lighter gauge strings because you just want to be comfortable. They also rent guitars and offer extended coverage warranties on new guitars. You can visit Mike and some of his guitars 12402 Orange Blossom Trail, Ste. 1, Orlando, FL 32837. You can also reach them at 407-251-6659.

George’s Music – Make Sure It Sounds Good!

Jason, Manager of George’s Music at 6817 Visitors Circle in Orlando says to consider the size, finish, and the wood. He says Mahogany, Rosewood, and Spruce wood are all good choices. He also says if you’re looking at pre-owned guitars to make sure it still has a good sound. It’s a bit harder to say what pre-owned guitars have been through. As far as strings, there are two choices: acoustic steel and nylon. Acoustic strings are harder on the fingers but perfect for strumming. Nylon strings are the classic choice and are more for finger-picking. There are also separate warranties that you can purchase, starting at 2 years. You can call Jason at (407) 352-8000.

Ask the Salesman to Play for You If You’re A Beginner Guitar Student

Orlando Guitar Lessons
Have a sales person play for you!

Overall, you want to be sure you made a good choice. Definitely take the time to strum a few chords on the guitar in-store to make sure you like how it sounds across all of the frets (you can have the salesman make sure it’s tuned properly first). If you hear any non-musical sound, you may want to move on to the next one. Wear the guitar with a strap while sitting and standing to see if it fits you naturally. Consider the wood that’s used for construction of the guitar. Entry-level models are usually made of laminate, while more professional models are made of solid wood. Solid wood creates a richer, more resonant sound. Hopefully this information helps you purchase a guitar you will love until the end of time. And don’t forget warranties. Most new guitars come with a manufacturer warranty(which does NOT cover damage). Some stores also provide you with an in-store return policy as well, so make sure you ask about that. You may want to purchase additional warranty coverage if you plan on keeping your guitar in good shape for a lifetime.

Orlando Guitar – Get One

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