Why Choose Online Music Lessons Over In-Person Private Lessons

Why Choose Online Music Lessons Over In-Person Private LessonsHappy New Year! What’s on your new year’s resolutions list this year? Is 2021 the year you decide to start learning to play the piano? Maybe for Christmas, you gifted your child with taking music lessons, and now it’s time to follow through on your promise? While we can put 2020 behind us, things are still very different because of the pandemic.
The wonderful thing about technology is that you don’t have to let COVID-19 keep your child from encountering the magic of learning music. Your child can take online music lessons without having to risk exposure to COVID-19 (or any other virus, for that matter), and they can learn from the comfort of your own home. Sure, online learning is different than in-person private lessons, and in-person classes have their benefits. But here are some of the reasons why people are choosing online music lessons over in-person private lessons.

The benefits of online music lessons

1. Convenience

Let’s start with the obvious. There are several reasons why doing music lessons virtually are more convenient. In considering our health and others’ safety, virtual music lessons allow you to learn music in the comfort of your own home without having to risk any possible exposure to COVID-19. This comes as a relief for many families who have someone in their home who is high-risk for getting sick.
If you’re used to chauffeuring your children to their many extracurriculars, you know how exhausting all that driving can be. Online music lessons remove one extra trip you have to make each week. That means you eliminate the stress of traveling and potential traffic.
There’s one other convenience element for those who choose to take their music lessons online: no lugging around instruments. This won’t apply to those who play the flute or violin. But if your child plays a larger instrument, like the guitar or the cello, this convince factor is a big plus. What about piano players? Most often, a private in-person music teacher will a piano or keyboard your child uses to practice. However, by choosing online music lessons, your child can learn to practice on your piano or keyboard and become better acquainted with playing their instrument. Curious about your child taking online voice lessons? Check out our blog here to learn what you need to know.

2. Greater range of teachers to choose from

It can be difficult to find music teachers in your local community who are qualified, professional, and enjoyable. If your child wants to learn something other than the guitar or piano, it can be even more challenging to find a local teacher from which you can take in-person lessons. For those of you who live in small towns, have a child who wants to learn a different instrument than most, online lessons are an excellent option.

3. Price difference

Many people also choose online music lessons over in-person private lessons for affordability. Sure, you will save money by eliminating travel expenses, but virtual lessons typically cost less than private lessons. Online music teachers have different rates, not only based on their skill but also based on where they live. A teacher’s rate will vary from state to state and even from county to county. Chances are you’re likely to find a wonderful online music teacher for less than in-person lessons without having to sacrifice the quality of the music lessons.

4. Recorded lessons

You could count this one as a convenience. But another excellent reason to choose online lessons is that most virtual meeting services allow you to record the entire meeting. Children can benefit from this because while practicing at home, they can rewatch recorded sessions with their teacher whenever they need extra help.

Ready to get started?

Online music lessons have so many benefits to offer for you and your child. Of course, not everyone learns easily over the computer screen, so you will want to keep your child’s learning abilities in mind. Searching for the right teacher can be overwhelming, too. And choosing an online music teacher can broaden the search so much! You can make it easier on yourself, though.
At Lessons In Your Home, we’ve made it easy for you to search for a music teacher – whether you want virtual music lessons or if you want the teachers to come to your house to teach. Our instructors are thoroughly vetted, professional, and passionate about sharing their love of music. They are ready to get started with online music lessons with your child at your convenience. Contact us today to find an instructor near you.

Why Choose Online Music Lessons Over In-Person Private Lessons

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  1. It got me when you said that online music lessons will be able to reduce the trips we would need every week. I guess I will look for a private music lesson online instead, since it will save me from gas usage. It might also be more comfortable if I do it at home without other people seeing me and only the instructor.

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