When To Begin Local Violin, Guitar, and Piano Lessons

The Interesting History of the ViolinWhat Instrument Should My Child Use To Start Music Lessons?

The most common instruments for a student to play for beginner music lessons are the piano, the guitar, and the violin. Even though each of these instruments are different in their own way, beginner music lessons will teach the student the fundamentals of reading, playing, counting, and enjoying music.

What Age Is Best To Start Learning Music And Taking Lessons?

Many parents want their children to have a well rounded education and wonder at what age is best to get their children involved in music classes. Learning to play music can be done at any age. Most students will start lessons on the violin at age 5, the piano at age 6, and the guitar at age 8. This is not to say that your child can not start at a young age, Mozart started playing piano at age 3, but this is the standard starting age range for these instruments.

Local Violin Lessons

For young children the best instrument to start on would be the violin. Local violin lessons are a great way to introduce your child to the language of music. Violins come in different sizes to accommodate a young student.  Violin Teachers with Lessons In Your Home will be able to show your beginner violin student how to hold and play the violin. They will also be teaching your student how to read music, counting, rhythm, and ear training. An overall appreciation for music also comes with your local violin lessons.

Local Piano Lessons

The piano is a great instrument to begin a students musical journey. It is easy for a young student to start making music on a piano. Simply by pressing a key the student is able to make music. Local Piano teachers with Lessons in Your Home will help a beginner piano student learn correct posture and hand position while playing the piano. Taking local piano lessons your student will learn counting, rthym, music theory, and music history.  Local piano teachers will also help the student learn how to read piano music, the piano has the largest range of notes of any instrument.

Local Guitar Lessons

Many Students want to learn to play the guitar when they are ready to start music lessons. The guitar is a fun instrument to learn for any student. Within the first couple of lessons a beginner guitar student can learn to play their favorite song. Like violins, guitars come in different sizes to fit the student best. Private Guitar Teachers will help you to determine the best size guitar for your beginner guitar student. Along with learning the fundamentals of music, Local guitar lessons will have your student jamming and playing to their favorite music.
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