When Should My Child Start Learning Guitar

When Should My Child Start Learning GuitarA very common question amongst parents is, “When exactly should my child start learning an instrument?” There are multiple answers and opinions on this matter. It’s no secret that there is a window in a young child’s life where they are not only impressionable, but will retain consistent information given to them extremely well. There are a few different takes on this time frame, but the general consensus is between ages 3-9.
It is a good idea to start introducing your child to the concept and structure of music in this age range. It can be an amazing learning tool and outlet for a young mind. Most young children start with the piano, given it is the foundation for general music theory and practice. String instruments are a different story. Guitar lessons in Seattle for anyone whether it is their first or even fifth instrument, but the challenge younger guitarists face is strength and endurance. Strength is required to hold down the strings over the frets and endurance is needed to sustain this activity long enough to practice.

A general age range of when children are old enough to begin guitar lessons is 5-7 years old. At this time they will have developed muscles to be able to handle a child sized guitar and have the stamina to practice. At this age the goal is not to get these children performance ready. Lessons in Your Home strives to introduce younger musicians to their instruments. We aim to give them confidence in their musical abilities as well as introduce them to the musical world so when they are ready to start learning more complex information they feel prepared.

First Steps with the Guitar

We’ve all heard it before, “My parents forced me to play piano” or “I was dragged to guitar lessons after school.” Whether it was a personal experience or stories from a friend, you’ve seen how music lessons can be viewed negatively. So how do we avoid this age old mistake?
Help your child see that their journey through music is not only optional, but an opportunity. Let them be involved in the process. Guitar might not be for them, they might want to play piano or trumpet! Have them involved through the whole process. With Lessons in Your Home, they can even read guitar teacher in Seattle bios and get to know their teacher a little before the first lesson. Tell them about your relationship with music even if it’s just as a listener. Taking music lessons isn’t a chore or a punishment, it’s an opportunity and should be treated as such.
If you and your child decide that the guitar is right for them then let them help pick out their first guitar. If they feel like they had a say in this process it will give them something to look forward to. There are many other ways to help them feel included and excited about their journey. The guitar is a wonderful instrument, but learning music in any facet is great for a young child’s development. It improves cognitive function and also is a source of confidence.

Beginning Lessons

Here’s what to expect when your child is beginning their first lessons: Lessons in Your Home will work with you and your family every step of the way to make sure your child is paired with a teacher best suited for them. Every teacher has a bio on our website so you and your child can read through our list of talented guitar teachers in Seattle or many more major cities.
So how do you start learning the guitar? Your new teacher will contact you a few days in advance to chat with you and go over their first lesson plan. They will also be able to read any information you have given about your child while signing up. They are all professionals and are very eager to give your child the best experience possible. Most first time lessons begin with a conversation about the guitar and your child’s familiarity of the instrument. We will teach them all terms they need to know, how to tune, and what they need to begin practicing on their own as well. Lessons for younger children focus on developing musical skills and general musical knowledge. We want them to be prepared to take the next step into more complicated practices with all the confidence in the world when they are ready.
Some of the friendliest and most professional guitar teachers in the country are employed by Lessons In Your Home. They can either come to your home to teach or can also provide online music lessons. Our virtual music lessons are taught by local music teachers who plan their lessons to suit your child. If you’re looking to get your child started on the guitar, look no further! Contact Us today!
By Wilson Taylor

When Should My Child Start Learning Guitar

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