Two Singing Lesson Warm Ups

Two Voice Exercises for Starting a Singing Lesson

When it comes to voice lessons, most teachers would agree that one of the main goals it make sure the student is not straining the vocal chords when singing. Below are two easy exercises that naturally take the pressure off the vocal chords and place the voice in the correct position.

Exercise No. 1

Singing Lesson
Warm Up Correctly

First exercise is rolling the lips while going up and down the scale. Remember when you would do this as a child or for a child to make them laugh? Put your lips together and blow making that rolling sound, kind of like an engine, with your lips. If you are having trouble getting the sound out, try lightly applying pressure with your fingers-to your cheeks, pushing them in slightly. This will help keep the lips rolling. Now, while rolling the lips, start up and down the scales in a comfortable range. This helps keep the voice from straining as you go up the scale to your higher registers. It makes for a lot of tickling vibrations in your face, too-just a side benefit!

Exercise No. 2

Second exercise is similar to the first. In this exercise we roll the tongue. Most find this exercise a little easier than the first, but it can still be a challenge if you are unfamiliar with the motion. Putting your tongue toward the roof of your mouth, blow air. This exercise is similar to some of the sounds made while speaking Spanish-where there is more rolling of the tongue for certain words. As with the first exercise, go up and down the scale, on pitch, while rolling the tongue. Again, this takes some of the pressure off the vocal chords and is an outstanding warm up for the voice.

Get A Good Start To Voice Lessons

Both of these exercises are a great way to start voice lessons and warm up the voice. As you go through the weeks of lessons, you will be amazed how much your range will expand with the practice and stretching of those vocal chords. With voice lessons as with any other exercise, you want to make sure you are doing these properly to avoid injury! A properly trained voice is one that will last for most of a lifetime!

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