What Is In Your Ipod: How To Choose An Instrument

Choosing the right musical instrument for you!

Most all of us have thought it if we didn’t say it: “Before this life is over I am going to learn to play an instrument.” While some of us may know exactly what instrument we would like to learn most of us would like to learn them all; we have no idea which single instrument we would choose to learn. Below is some valuable information which will help you determine the right musical instrument for you to learn to play.

Step 1: Figuring out the kind of instruments you like

The music genre you prefer says a lot about what type of musical instrument you may want to take on. Various genres feature differences in instrumental grouping, so if you tend to listen to classical music you may be attracted to the strings or horns. If you listen to country music you the fiddle, harmonica, or banjo might be your thing. Perhaps you love the guitar licks featured in rock and roll music, which is a good indication for many individuals that guitar is a good option. By considering the individual instruments you hear in your music of choice you may discover exactly what instrument you should choose.

Step 2: Look at your collection of tunes; now choose your very favorites and…

…ask yourself what it is about these particular pieces that appeal to you. If you find that the attraction is purely lyrical you may want to work on singing or songwriting on the side, but try to narrow down the songs or pieces in which a specific instrument or instrument solo stands out attractively to your ear. Are you often attracted to this particular instrument in music? Does its sound appeal to you in any genre? What you discover may tell you what your instrument of choice should be.

Step 3: Speak with a professional music teacher

If, after you have carried out the steps above, you still cannot narrow down your instrument of choice it is wise to seek out professional guidance. A music teacher at any level has been trained to help you discover what best suits you musically. They will know exactly what questions to ask and what to listen and look for in the answers you give them to help you figure this dilemma out.

Step 4: Dive in and try an instrument

At this point you should have a good idea or two of what musical instrument you are interested in taking up. Choose the one that seems to stand out to you and begin to take lessons. You can take lessons online, but beginning students have the greatest success with a in-person music teacher who’s ready to teach you to play. Whatever method of learning you choose you just have to begin. If you find you are not clicking with the musical instrument you have chosen then simply move onto your second choice, but don’t be too quick to decide! Be sure to give you and your instrument sufficient time to get to know each other before you call off the relationship.
You can learn to play a musical instrument, and you can decide the perfect instrument for you and your personality. It will reflect your taste in music and assist you in creatively expressing yourself more clearly. Discover your perfect musical instrument match today!

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