Rock Guitar Lessons – What To Know – 4 Common Approaches

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The Guitar is the coolest of all instruments right? So when choosing a music lesson you can always bet private Guitar lessons will be a choice. But then your child says “Rock Guitar Lessons” and now your stumped. Is there a difference between Rock Guitar Lessons and non-rock guitar lessons? Will your student only be able to play rock music? The hidden truth is almost all Guitar lessons being taught today are Rock Guitar lessons.

When learning guitar we break up instruction into two general styles, Classical and Popular. Classical style in a general sense is classical music played on a classical guitar. The Classical Guitar is a slightly different instrument then it’s non-classical cousin. The Classical version has a wider neck. Don’t be confused they are both called guitars J. The technique to play classical is different in that it that it lends itself toward playing classical music. That being said, lets talk about popular style, which directly relates to Rock Guitar Lessons.
Unless you are specifically asking for Classical Guitar Lessons, you will be inquiring about popular guitar lessons. This means that you will learning all the correct ways to hold, tune, play, and understand your instrument. When it comes to music, you’re going to be playing popular songs. Don’t be thrown off though when you are playing Mary Had a Little Lamb at the beginning.
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A great Rock Guitar Teacher will still want you to be able to read music, understand music theory, and for you to know what you are doing. We all have to start somewhere and when you start we all end up playing simple songs to learn notes, rhythms, and general musicianship. Because popular style is so broad it can mean Rock, Pop, Soul, Blues, Jazz, Funk, and just about anything that is not “classical music”. After you have the basic’s down and are playing your best version of Hot Cross Buns, your Rock Guitar Teacher is going to say to you “ Are you ready to rock”. You should say “yes” and get ready for the fun.
Different Approaches
There are some different approaches that a teacher who gives Rock Guitar Lessons is going to use when you get ready for this first song. A lot of his/her approach will have to do with you, what you know, how your work, your likes and dislikes, aptitude, etc. That’s the best part of taking private guitar lessons; you’re going to be taught in a fashion that’s best for you. Here some common approaches:
• Chord Charts – In this approach your learn your favorite Rock Song using a chord chart. It’s reading music but not reading notes. Reading a chord chart lets you know what chord to play and read which chord is coming next. It’s like short hand and is used all the time in Rock Guitar Lessons. If you’re interested in learning to play and sing wile your playing, reading Chord Charts is a great approach for Rock Guitar Lessons.
• The Guitar Riff – a Riff is a musical idea that gives a song (rock or otherwise) its character. You may start by learning a songs riff. There are lots of Rock songs best defined not by there chords but by a riff. Some popular Rock Guitar examples are songs like: Sweet Home Alabama (Lenard Skynyrd), Sweet Child of Mine (Guns and Roses), Walk This Way (Aerosmith), Sunshine Of Your Love (Cream), and Aint Talkin Bout Love (Van Halen) to name a few.
• Written Arrangement – A written arrangement of a Rock Song can be written out so that the student reads all the individual notes and rhythm of a song. This approach is not common due to the nature of Rock Music and how it is played. For example at no point does a normal Rock Song ever get written out this way by its composer.
• By Ear – Some teachers pull out the old Ipod (used to be a CD and before that a tape and before that a record) listen to it and start picking it out with the student. Although I am fan of this approach, I only like it when used in conjunction with the other approaches as I have seen cases where a Rock Guitar Student can’t learn a song with the help their teacher’s ear. All lessons should lead toward a student’s independence.
Getting Started
When you take Rock Guitar Lessons you’ll most likely be using aspects of all the above approaches. The idea with any lessons is to learn so you can apply the information independently and of course HAVE FUN. You should be able to talk to and understand any
Private Guitar Teacher you intend to work with. And of course if you need help, Call Us!
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