Three Signs Your Guitar Lessons Are Going Well

What Is Guitar Lessons Success?

As teachers we are always trying to evaluate ourselves and our lessons. There are many ways to measure success; here are three easy things to look at that indicate lessons are going well.

Happy To See You!

sucessful guitar lessons
I’m ready for my lesson now.

First, when you show up to your lesson, instead of the student is waiting for you to tell them what to do, they are excited to show you what they learned. Hopefully we have all experienced this. The student is almost bouncing in their seat, they are so excited. “Look what I did” is a familiar phrase we hear. Regardless of how whatever they pick out on their guitar sounds, the point is they are excited to share it and show you! This is the first step to really capturing them and getting them interested for a lifetime!

We’re Getting The Band Back Together

Second thing, your student asks you how to get a band together. This shows you have gone beyond the level of beginning guitar, and passing interest to active interest. This is when they are hooked. When you want to start sharing music on a bigger stage, you have accomplished a big musical goal. Music is something to be shared, and if your student feels confident enough to start working with a band, you have given a big gift of confidence!

Listen To This Song I Wrote

Thirdly, after you go through all your lesson plan, and are wrapping up, your student plays you a song they wrote. This is also another big step in the musical journey that you have inspired them to take. When creativity starts to shine through your student and they want to write their own songs and make their own music, they have ascended to another level of musicality. When they share these songs and show you these big accomplishments they’ve made, be the voice of positivity and encouragement. They look to you for a lot of feedback, so make sure yours is positive!

sucessful guitar lessons

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