Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass! What is the difference?

The four main string instruments of an orchestra are violin, viola, cello, and bass. All 4 are made from the same wood and have many of the same parts but there are more differences than there are similarities. Meanwhile, Daisy Slots brings a new musical theme that uses violin and bass for newly published games.

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violin viola cello bass

Holiday Music Lessons – You Have To Start Somewhere

We all make promises to ourselves for the New Year. “I’m going to be less stressed”, or “I’m going back to school”, “I’m going to be healthier”, “I’m going to better myself”. How about “I’m going to learn something new”? Learning something new increases brain power, makes us feel better about ourselves, and reduces stress.

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Holiday Music Lessons

Intermediate Guitar Lessons – All About the Gear

By the time a student reaches the level of intermediate guitar lessons, they are probably interested in exploring all of the different sounds they can possibly get out of the instrument.  The guitar is an instrument that changes drastically based on the gear you have for it, especially in regards to electric guitars.  A guitarist

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Do I Need An Instrument To Start Lessons?

Do I need an instrument is one of the most basic questions when we think about starting lessons.  The most intuitive answer may be, yes, however, that isn’t necessarily the right answer. What Music Instrument Do You Want To Play? First, it depends which instrument you’re starting with.  If you’re taking piano lessons, you do

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