Which Instrument Should I Play?

Have you ever wanted to play an instrument but never had the time or the opportunity? It’s never too late to start! Take this quiz to see which instrument would be best for you!

which instrumnet should i play
Which Will You Choose

What Instrument Should You Play? (for 35 years and older)
1. Do you have children in the house?
A. Yes, young children (2)
B. Yes, older children (3)
C. No (1)
2. What is your job situation?
A. Full time job (2)
B. work from home (3)
C. no job (1)
3. How often do you go on vacation?
A. maybe once a year (1)
B. a couple times a year (2)
C. all summer long and a few times throughout the year (3)
3. How many activities do you and your children participate in?
A. 1 or 2 (1)
B. 3 or 4 (2)
C. 5 or more (3)
4. What is your favorite type of music?
A. Classical (1)
B. Classic Rock (3)
C. Jazz (2)
5. What kind of learner are you?
A. Auditory (3)
B. Visual (2)
C. Physical (1)
6. Can you read music or do you want to?
A. No but I would like to (2)
B. I have no desire to (3)
C. Yes I can (1)
7. Did you take lessons as a child?
A. Yes, but I don’t remember much (2)
B. Yes and I’ve kept up with it (1)
B. No, I’m a beginner (3)
8. What musical sound do you prefer?
A. Soft and mellow (2)
B. upbeat and fun (3)
C. unique and pretty (1)
8-14 Points Violin: You would enjoy a beautiful stringed instrument like violin. With violin, it’s helpful to have a good amount of time for practicing and a background in music reading or lessons is a plus! Once you get comfortable, it would be fun to join a community orchestra to get a chance to play with an ensemble. There’s plenty of fun solo music if you would prefer to play at home.
14-19 Points Piano: You would enjoy the sound and ease of the piano. Piano is a great instrument to learn music reading and there is a wide range of music you can play. If you learn piano along with your child, you can play 4 hand duets!
20-24 Points Guitar: You would enjoy the fun and flexibility of guitar. You can play several different styles and you can even choose to learn it without learning to read music. Guitar is another one to learn with your child for fun and a great way to teach them practice habits by example!

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