Supporting Your Local Miami Music Teacher

One great thing about taking private lessons with a local Miami music teacher is that they also happen to be musicians, and chances are, they will be playing somewhere around town from time to time.  Some play every night, some play rarely but if they’re a musician, they’re going to want to showcase their passion in the form of a local show.  This can be a really great opportunity for their students and students’ parents to see what their teacher can do.

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Plastic Planets

Last night, I went and saw one of the teachers from the Lessons In Your Home staff play with his new band.  Roy Mitchell-Cardenas is a very accomplished teacher of ours, most notably playing with the popular rock band, Mutemath.  While he wasn’t playing with Mutemath last night, his new band, Plastic Planets, was really quite incredible.

 A New Solar System

Plastic Planets consists of three members:  a bass player/lead singer/keyboard synth player/percussionist, a drummer (who had five different sound modules sprinkled throughout his kit), and our teacher, Roy who mastered the guitar, synth, and background vocals.  With only the three of them and an impressive amount of gear, this three piece-band sounded like a 12 piece at times.  They had a huge sound, yet very tasteful in their instrumentation.

The Sun Shines Bright

Have I mentioned the light show yet?  These guys had a wall of amps behind them, stacked about 5 or 6 high, each hollowed out with glowing lights inside that changed different colors in coordination with the music.  I mean, it looked amazing!  Right in the center on top of the amp stack in the middle was a hollowed out drum kit, with each drum containing colorful lights that also changed according to the music.

New Music

So with all of this gear and attention to details, you may be thinking that these guys have been playing with this band for years!  Nope.  This was only their second show as a band ever.  Now that’s how you debut new music!

Get Motivated By Music

Seeing a talented group of musicians performing on stage can be inspiring for just about anyone.  However, there is a very special moment that exists when a student just starting out on an instrument goes and sees their teacher perform to the best of their ability.  This level of inspiration can not be measured.  This feeling of hope and potential is what drives the students to sit down with their instrument every day and challenge themselves.

You Can Be A Fan Of A Miami Music Teacher

We can not be the musicians we are without being a genuine fan of music.  Exposure to a wide range of music fuels the fire within us to become better players. Inspire your student and take them to see great music being performed.  Your local music teacher is a great place to start!

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