Technology And Music Lessons, A Tool Not A Path

As technology quickly finds ways to help students, private teachers to must learn how to effectively use these new tools as an aid to our music lesson.

Music Teacher
The Next Great Music App

Modern technology has done a lot in the way of music lessons.  Students have resources now that can greatly enhance their learning experience.  People have a chance to learn basic instruction on YouTube for their instruments. Skype lessons are also gaining a lot of popularity.  There are even video games that can teach basic skills on guitar and drums.  There are 3 reasons why, in my opinion, however, nothing can ever replace a private one-on-one lesson with a music teacher.


One of the greatest benefits of having your own personal music teacher is not just the great instruction they provide.  There’s something that happens when a student has a private music teacher.  The student and teacher form a bond through the years of instruction that is really something special.  The teacher serves as a role model and sometimes even a life coach, bonded by a common passion and commitment to learning.  The teacher becomes a sort of big brother or big sister that has been on a similar path and can help the student with more than just music lessons.  The student gains self-esteem and confidence having an older talented individual interested in them and their progress as musicians and as human beings.


Everyone learns differently.  The great thing about private music lessons is that your teacher knows this and will tailor a lesson plan specifically to your needs, abilities, and interests.  A private music teacher acts as a sort of doctor.  They have to analyze the students strengths and weaknesses and create a balanced lesson plan to both improve the weaknesses and build upon the strengths.  The prescriptions will come in the form of specific pieces and exercises and songs to work on making the lessons exactly perfect for you.

The Right Touch

Technique is very important when practicing music lessons.  If not explained correctly in a way that the individual student can understand, that student may find themselves practicing with the wrong technique.  If the student is receiving YouTube lessons, they will never know.  Improper technique may not even be visible to the teacher with Skype lessons.
However, with a teacher with you in the same room, the technique will be noticed and altered if necessary.  For example, the correct way to hold a drum stick can be tricky and the students often need constant reminders of the correct way.  Often times, I will physically move their fingers into place so they can feel exactly where they need to be.  This is a method that can not be achieved through a computer screen.

Using Technology in Private Lessons

As mentioned earlier, technology can be very useful for students and can be used in conjunction with private music lessons.  For more information on this, please check out my other blog- “Technology and Private Music Lessons Working Together”.

No Substitute For A Music Teacher

Technology can be great for aiding in the use of private music lessons, but substituting a private music teacher for technology is not the most effective way of learning an instrument.  Technology works best when combined with the assistance of an intelligent, nurturing human being.

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