Summer Music Is In The Air! Denver

Looking for unique activities around Austin TX? There is an abundance of Summer Music and outdoor concerts in and around the Denver Metro Areas. Watching live music is a perfect enhancement to lessons so here are some ways you can take in the music, scenery, and culture wile helping your children with their music lessons all at once.

Point Out The Instrument Your Child Plays

Summer Muisc Lessons
Enjoy an outdoor concert

Concerts in the Park are a great family activity. People from the community gather with their blankets and picnic baskets and enjoy a free evening. This is a perfect time to point out to your child taking lessons that one of the musicians on stage plays the same instrument they do.
Depending on the size of the park and the concert the musicians can even be approachable. If the situation is right, don’t hesitate to take your child to say hello to the performer. Let them tell the musician they play the same instrument. From here, you never know what can happen; sometimes the musician will ask him or her if they’d like to play. Sometimes exposure is all that is needed to really interest a student and get them extra excited about music lessons.

What Does Cultural Music Sound Like.

One of the greatest things about this is the exposure to diverse and quality music is we learn about cultures. What if your daughter who plays drums hears an African rhythm? Many young people are introduced to Jazz and Blues at outdoor concerts. After the concert, bring your excitement about the music you heard to your music teacher. Summer music lessons offer the best time for experimenting.

Summer Music Inspirations

Seeing music in practice, and learning that instruments can be used in so many ways is a great benefit for students taking lessons.  Hearing the applause of an audience can be very inspirational to young minds. Music is a universal gift and getting out and seeing the local talent will be an encouragement for those piano, voice or guitar lessons.
Many a student runs home from a concert and practices something! Either tries to mimic what they’ve heard, or practice their own thing. Either way, summer outdoor music and music lessons go hand in hand. Expose your family to it and see what benefits arise!

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