Should I Force My Kids to Take Piano Lessons?

Should I Force My Kids to Take Piano LessonsDid it ever occur to you that having your child learn the piano was something that they didn’t want to do? Or perhaps, while searching for piano lessons in Atlanta for your child,  have you weighed out whether or not you should sign them up for lessons?
At Lessons In Your Home, many parents have approached us and have asked the question: Should I force my child to take piano lessons? And our answer is: It depends on the situation. Let’s take a look at both sides.

Waiting to see if your child is interested

What if the idea of forcing your child to learn with a piano teacher in Atlanta seems cruel to you? You may think you should wait to see if your child is interested first. Let’s consider this perspective.
Pros: By waiting to see if your child is really interested in an instrument, you hope their natural curiosity will guide them well on their learning journey. Not only for the piano or another instrument, but in all their future interests, hobbies, education, and career choice. Allowing them to decide what they want to do when they want to do it gives us the idea that our children will follow through on their interests or dreams. This is encouraging to us as parents. After all, if your child really has a passion for the piano, you won’t have to “twist their arm” to take the time to practice.
Cons: Your child may never express interest in the piano or any other instrument. Of course, this is perfectly fine. However, they may one day reach an age and wish that you had made them take lessons.

Forcing your child to take piano lessons

Now let’s consider the other side that makes many parents wince: making your child take piano lessons.
Pros: Many people wish their parents made them practice an instrument. These people often don’t play an instrument themselves or have a challenging time learning independently in their adult-years. Maybe you’re one of these parents! By making your child take piano lessons, you’re giving them an experience that they will truly appreciate.
Playing the piano also plays a crucial role in the development of a child’s brain. The Brain and Creative Institute published a study where children who learned to play an instrument at a young age had accelerated brain development in the areas of language, sound, reading, and speech. Still need to be convinced? Learning to play an instrument is beneficial for your brain as it helps fine motor skills as it requires both sides of the brain to work simultaneously.
Cons: By making your child take piano lessons when they don’t want to, you may feel that you are wasting your money on something they don’t enjoy or appreciate. And making your child do something they really don’t want to do can cause petty arguments no one wanted in the first place.
Overall, the benefits that learning music has to offer for your child are much greater than the potential issues you may run into. Plus, you don’t have to actually force lessons on your child.

How to not “force your kids” to play the piano

If your child is too young to appreciate you looking out for them and their brain development, here are a few little things you can try to do to encourage them to want to play the piano.

Let them practice on their own. Sometimes kids need personal space to enjoy their artistic freedoms fully. They may feel more inclined to play just because they want to instead of feeling pressured to play if you’re hovering around them when they’re trying to practice.

Play different piano songs to see what they like. We all need inspiration! Play different types of piano songs to see what piques your child’s interest. If they’re struggling to want to play the piano, they may need to hear someone else play before they can own the instrument themselves.

Find them a new teacher. Sometimes if your child doesn’t enjoy playing the piano, it may be that they don’t like their piano teacher. Consider hiring one of our piano teachers instead!

Change your perspective. Let go of any expectations you may have for your child in their pursuit of music and allow them to explore the piano or whatever instrument they choose. You can also use these lessons as a bonding experience by jamming with your kids. This will help you both to enjoy music while still enjoying each other.

Learning to love the piano

All in all, by “forcing” your child to take piano lessons, you’re doing them a tremendous service. If they don’t thank you now, they will thank you later! If you and your child are ready to get started, hire one of our piano teachers at Lessons In Your Home. All of our instructors are professional and passionate. You can be sure that your child will come to love to play the piano because our teachers inspire them. Our teachers will come right to your home for every lesson, plus we offer virtual music lessons, too. Our online music lessons are being taught by local music teachers with live lessons tailored to your child! Contact us today to learn more.

Should I Force My Kids to Take Piano Lessons

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