Saxophone Lessons, Why You Should Play

Why You Should Play the Saxophone

Saxophone Lessons
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Taking Saxophone Lessons has been scientifically proven to reward the player with stress relief, improved lung function and a sharper mind.Therapists now incorporate music therapy in the treatment of memory loss in older adults, and for mood stabilization with individuals struggling with depression.

Saxophone Emulates The Human Voice

The first advantage that a saxophone has over many other music instruments choices is the control that a player has when a note is in progress. A saxophone player can change the pitch, volume and timbre of a note while it is being played to create a unique experience directly related to the player’s expression. This gives a saxophone a flexible tone that can be compared to the human voice, and a trained listener is able to determine who is playing just by listening to the notes.

All Those Keys Help You Play Easier

While the many keys of a saxophone may intimidate an individual, the instrument is actually designed to allow a player to change notes almost effortlessly compared to other instruments. The construction of a saxophone is made for easy playing, and it is often one of the easier instruments to learn despite its complex design.

What Age Should You Start Saxophone Lessons

Saxophone PlayerMost students start Saxophone Lessons when they also start in their school band. However, it is possible for a student to begin saxophone lessons is at seven or eight years old. Alto saxophones are typically the best instrument to begin with due to their compact size and lower weight, and the fingering and note reading remains the same for soprano, tenor and baritone saxophones. A student can begin saxophone lessons with the baritone, the largest saxophone, but its size may make it difficult for a young student.

In Addition to Motivation and Positive Reinforcement Saxophone Teachers…….


Saxophone teachers have the responsibility to assist a student in overcoming common saxophone playing issues such as finding the most comfortable and proper way to hold the instrument, becoming accustomed to using a reed, finding the best embouchure for great tone quality and making sure that the saxophone always remains in tune. Saxophone lessons establish a foundation for a player to rely on as the player rises in skill level. An attentive saxophone teacher focuses on these important basics, for the student will quickly enjoy the rewards of an intricate instrument once the groundwork is properly set.
Saxophone Lessons

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