Saxophone Lessons – Sounding Your Best!

How to sound your best on saxophone lessons
This is for the beginner saxophone student who’s having some trouble really getting the best stream of air through their saxophone.
The saxophone, to achieve the best sound, needs a good amount of air to make the sound full. The same could be said for the voice. In order to create that sound, you have to use your diaphragm which pushes air from the bottom of your lungs, like when you roll up a tube of toothpaste. Using air from the bottom of your lungs give the stream through the mouthpiece its best chance for a pretty sound.

saxophone lessons
Sound Your Best!

This exercise should be done at the start of each practice session. It’s a workout, but you’ll be a master in no time. What we’re going to use is an air pulse.
To do an air pulse, breathe in deep, filling up your belly, not lifting your shoulders. With a full stomach of air, quickly say “shoo” emptying out your belly of air.
For this exercise, you’ll need a metronome. For apple users, the app Silver Dial metronome is good.
So, here we go:

  • Set the click or beats per minute (BPM) at 80
  • Through only the mouthpiece do
    • Quarter note air pulses
    • 8th note air pulses
    • 8th note triplets
    • 16th note air pulses
  • Add on the neck and repeat the exercise
  • Add on the rest of the saxophone and repeat in the middle register
  • Repeat the exercise in the low register
  • Repeat the exercise in the high register
  • Try to increase your speed by 5 – 10 BPM

This is a great warm up to do when you’re about to practice and will definitely help your air flow get stronger and make your overall sound better. Keep pushing yourself and try to make your speed better. Make sure that you use the diaphragm to pus

saxophone lessons

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