A Private Music Teachers New Years Checklist

private music student
Whats On Your Checklist

If you are like me, a private music teacher, then the new year is when you prepare to take on new music students in your studio. But how do you attract new students? Here are some ideas that you can try to spread the word about your music lessons.

Post flyers

I have found that posting flyers around town and where you want to teach can help bring in more students. If you need some Lessons In Your Home brochures, let me know. I have plenty! Some good places to post include community centers, children’s book stores, churches, libraries, dance schools, pediatric offices, and anywhere else you can think of. If you live in an apartment complex, you may be able to get some good results by placing a brochure at the mailbox. Think about how many people check their mail everyday! Always keep the type of communities in mind, as well as location. Most public places will work, and if you think you need to ask to post first, go ahead and do so.

Free Group Lessons

You can offer a free group lesson at your local library. They do all of the advertising for you.   Hundreds of people walk through the library every day, especially parents with their children. Just think of all the types of people that can attend and benefit from your lesson. They might even spread the word to their friends and family! And it takes up very little of your time.

Host A Recital

Don’t you remember when you were playing in a recital, and watched all sorts of people attend? Your family members were there, parent’s coworkers, and also friends. This is a great way to spread the word about what we do, what our students do, and who we are. Everyone benefits! Your students become better musicians with performance experience, you’re able to give back to the community with music, and attendees can enjoy a nice musical performance and maybe inquire about putting their children in lessons later. It’s a great time to also hand out any brochures you might have and spread the word.

Private Music Teacher

If you ever have any questions about this material or something in general, don’t hesitate to call me or shoot me an email! I’m full of knowledge, advice, and tips, and very willing to help. We are a team, and we are all here for the same thing- to share music with our society. It’s such a great gift to give this holiday season, or anytime.

private music student

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