Purchasing A Piano For Private Music Lessons

Though many families who are interested in starting in home music lessons in Baltimore already have a piano when they inquire about starting piano lessons, a lot of families feel lost as to where to begin the process of purchasing or renting an instrument.  Piano is the most popular in home, private music lesson instrument choice, but let’s face the facts—it’s a huge instrument to obtain!  However, this should not stop you in your pursuit of initiating lessons, and a little helpful advice on your available options can take you from, “We can’t start piano lessons because we don’t have a piano,” to “We’re excited to begin!”

Who should I ask?

There are more informed resources than may be initially apparent.  Piano stores are an easy choice, but many potential students or parents are hesitant to pursue this resource, because they do not want to be sold on an instrument.  They would rather contact someone who they believe can present them with the most affordable options.  Let’s not rule out piano stores, though.  There are many helpful sales representatives who understand that this may be a temporary pursuit for a student who is testing their interest and can give great, cost-efficient options.
Contacting someone who does not work for a store that sells instruments can be a more comfortable alternative to get a realistic idea of where an affordable resource lies.  Music lessons companies, private teachers, professional pianists, and universities all can provide helpful advice and connect you with a piano store or salesperson trusted by them.

Acoustic Pianos

You can always purchase a new piano, and there are always seasonal sales going on that can save you a lot of money off the original price.  Also, pianos are often financed for less than the cost of cable each month.  Renting and buying are about the same in terms of monthly cost, but the advantage of renting can be the ability to avoid commitment to the purchase, especially if you are unsure of the student’s ultimate interest in pursuing piano in the long run.
There is another way to obtain an acoustic piano, though, and that’s buying a used instrument.  You can definitely go through a piano store for this as well, but let’s not forget about classifieds and Craigslist!  If you read the paper or just do an online search, you can find a wealth of acoustic pianos that people are selling for a very cheap price and will work perfectly for music lessons Baltimore.  Occasionally, you can even find someone who is giving a piano away!  Be aware though, in this situation, the piano will probably need a bit of service to make it functional again.

Digital Pianos and Keyboards

A true digital piano is a bit less than an acoustic, but still more than a keyboard.  The advantages are great, though, as they have the touch and feel of an acoustic piano, because the keys are weighted, and the dimensions can be modeled after an upright or a baby grand with the full 88 key range.  Also, you can use headphones, access a recorder, and even play your favorite songs through them.
A keyboard can have a lot of these same advantages, it just depends on how high-tech you want to go.  You can get a full, 88 key, weighted version, or go a little more on the simplistic side with a 72 key version, especially if the student is younger.  Even the 72 key version can last through the first couple of years through lessons—a perfect amount of time to assess the student’s interest with a very minimal investment.


Don’t let the lack of a piano keep you from pursuing lessons!  For piano lessons Baltimore, there are many local resources for you to utilize in your search, and you can find an affordable alternative in both acoustic and digital varieties.  Contact a music store, music lessons company, or just a person you know who plays piano, and you’ll be on your way to getting started!
For advice on purchasing a piano or keyboard, contact us, and we can help you find the perfect instrument for you to start lessons now!

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