Can Switching Teachers For Piano Lessons Be Beneficial?

Easy Piano Lessons

shutterstock_769555771 (1)Over the 26 years that I have been a piano student I have had a lot of wonderful piano teachers. Every teacher had a different approach to teaching and I was able to learn different techniques and skills from my teachers. Some of my teachers over the years were very strict and disciplined while others were relaxed and easy going.

Many times I would stay with a certain teacher for my private piano lessons in Denver for 3-5 years and learn as much as possible from them. As time goes on with one teacher I would get very comfortable with the style in which the teacher would teach. It helped me to be prepared for my next in-home music lesson by knowing what the teacher expected from me every week during my practice time. Some teachers would emphasize working on technique such as scales and passages, while other teachers would put more importance on dynamics and articulation. With each teacher that I had the pleasure to work with I felt like I was able to learn a valuable skill or thought process for the music that I play. This in turn helped me to become an overall better musician.

Strict vs Relaxed

Every piano teacher has their own method of teaching even though every teacher teaches the same basic material to their students. Teachers who are considered “strict” will be very demanding on their students for practice time and progress from week to week. They often make their students feel guilty if they have not practiced enough or have not mastered a certain technique that they are working on with their teachers. Strict teachers can be very unforgiving to their students and can cause fear for the student when they show up for their lessons unprepared.

A “relaxed” teacher will still be teaching the same material that a “strict” teacher would teach, but in a different approach. Relaxed teachers tend to have more fun during the lesson with their students. Students will feel comfortable and at ease during the lessons with their teachers. Relaxed teachers are very understanding when a student has not had enough practice time in between their lessons and will encourage better practicing before their next lesson. If a student is not able to master a certain technique their teacher will continue to work with the student and present the material in a way that makes sense to the student.?

Finding That Perfect Fit

Just as every teacher is different in their approaches to teaching piano lessons, students can also be different in the way that they learn. To find the perfect piano teacher for your student you can talk with your local director of Lessons In Your Home about what are the needs and goals for your student with their piano lessons. Some students have a real gift for music and need a teacher that will challenge them and push them for success with piano lessons. Other students will take piano lessons as something to try for fun and are looking for a piano teacher that will make learning amusing and enjoyable. When I first started taking piano lessons as a child, I had no idea that I would continue on for the rest of my life as a musician and music teacher. It was with the help of my first couple of teachers that I developed a life long passion for making music.?

Changing Teachers Can Be A Good Thing

The piano students that take lessons for many years they will need to switch teachers from time to time. Try to look at changing teachers as a good thing to help the student grow musically. When a student is with the same teacher for too long they will learn only the way that the teacher teaches. Changing teachers helps the student to learn new approaches to studying piano music and performing. A new teacher can show their students new materials or songs that the previous teacher wouldn’t. Changing a teacher can also help to make lessons exciting again. Try to avoid getting stuck in a rut or routine and keep learning interesting.

My Method Of Teaching

Over the 26 years that I have been studying piano I have had a number of wonderful teachers. With each teacher I was able to learn a great deal about how to practice and how to master certain techniques. Each of my teachers had different styles and methods of teaching. Some were more relaxed and others were very strict. When I became a teacher I was able to draw upon all of my experiences with my past teachers to help develop my own style of teaching. I have found that I prefer the more relaxed style of teaching. Whether teaching piano lessons in your home or in the studio, I enjoy having fun with music and I share my passion for music with my students. My students feel comfortable during their lessons to ask questions and never feel fear if they have not had time during the week to practice as much as was asked of them. I like to encourage and motivate my students to do their best with the material that we are working on. Contact us today and we’ll help you find the right teacher for you!

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