Private Music Teachers And Prep For A New School Year

It’s that time of the year again!  Students are returning back to school ready for a fresh new year.  What can we, as private music teachers, do to maximize on this momentum and translate it into our music lessons?  Many music teachers may not teach at a school so we need to be extra aware of this transitional time.

Private Music Teachers
It’s that time again!


New Music

Back to school time is a time where students are looking forward to new things.  Music lessons should be no exception.  Now is a great time to start working on a new piece.  Maybe there is a new technique that you would like your student to learn.  Now is the best time to start that new technique.  Students are at a point where they are prepared and ready for new things so your students will be more open to it than ever!

 New Materials

Students and their parents are currently flooding the stores in search of the perfect back to school supplies.  They are out shopping anyway, so let’s get them some fresh new materials to work with!  Perhaps they are ready for the next “grade” method book.  Even if you wish to keep your students on the same book, you can create a different method of presenting them with new assignments.  I usually use a sticker chart to motivate my students to practice, but I will be reformatting it for the new school year.

Private Music Teachers Back At Work!

During the summer, we often treat our students to a relaxed schedule and easy materials.  Now is the time to get back to those basics.  Your students are already in the mind set of getting back to work, so now is the perfect time to introduce something more difficult.  As always, never give them materials that are too difficult or discouraging, but now is a great time to offer them a challenge.  They will be ready to take on anything you throw at them so make it count!

Create a New Practice Schedule

Now that students are starting back at school again, their schedules will yet again change.  They may start new activities.  Sit down with them and figure out a great practice schedule with them that works with their new schedule.  Practicing is most effective when it happens on a consistent basis.  You student has a new motivation to succeed with the start of the new year so incorporate practicing into their new schedule to maximize on this motivation.

Motivated And Ready!

Change is happening all around the lives of your students so it can be very helpful if their music lessons change as well.  Get new stickers, new books, new songs, and new motivation techniques to propel your students into the new year.  Your students are more motivated than ever to succeed so as always, help them along in the best way possible!

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