Denver Piano And Voice Teacher Spotlight

Lights On!

From time to time it’s important to shine the light on special teachers. We have a Denver Piano and Voice teacher who fits that bill and his name is Joey Taczak. He’s a popular teacher for us at Lessons In Your Home mostly because of his enthusiasm for teaching and the success of his students.

Voice Lesson Success

Recently, one of Joey’s young students, Gretchen, tried out and earned a spot in the Colorado Children’s Chorus. We are so proud of this really great accomplishment. Joey has worked for several years with Gretchen and has really helped to coach her along to be ready to try out for such a coveted spot.

Denver Piano And Voice Teacher – Benefiting A Community

Joey teaches in Denver and the Aurora area. He really brings a lot to a music lesson. He is a very talented vocalist who has been in many local musical productions himself, and has a great presence on the stage. Joey works hard at his craft and shares the many great techniques for teaching voice and piano.

Parents Are Talking

His commitment has been evident through the feedback from parents and students alike. At Recital his students are very well prepared and seam to always preform with a high level of confidence. For me, it’s like snap shots of musical growth, seeing the students at each semi-annual recital. Each time I congratulate the students, the parents always say “we love Mr Taczak” to which I reply “we do too!”
We are invested in the success of all of our students, whether trying out for a specific part, or just learning music for their own enjoyment. Joey Taczak embodies what it is we do in the music world everyday! Keep up the good work Joey!

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