Private Music Lessons And Your Brain

Private Music Lessons And Your BrainLearning music is not only a fun and rewarding activity and skill, but also has numerous proven cognitive benefits! These include such assets as: improved memory, motor skills, creativity, and communication. In addition, the rewarding aspects of playing music aid in general motivation which stimulates drive and focus. Kids can especially benefit from starting a musical education early on, but these advantages apply to all musical students, no matter what age you start at!.
Here we will dive deeper into these many cognitive benefits of musical training and how you or your child can get started with music lessons in Houston!


Learning music on your own or with the help of a Houston music teacher has a profound impact on strengthening one’s memory capacity. Due to the number of intricate details and repetition required to learn how to play a musical instrument, learning music significantly helps to strengthen a number of neural pathways in the brain. This increase in neuroplasticity aids in focus and applied concentration, and the application of these benefits helps to strengthen one’s working memory capacity, improving the brain’s ability to concentrate on a number of details synchronously. These assets also strongly aid in the processes of critical thinking and problem solving.

Motor Skills

Playing instruments and learning how to sing properly helps to fine tune motor skills, due to the coordination of a number of physical and mental elements being applied specifically as well as simultaneously. Constant stimulation of these neural pathways in the brain strengthens these connections, allowing them to fire up quickly and efficiently.
General language skills and discernment of different speech syllables are executed in the same parts of the brain as when we play music, and therefore these neural pathways are also activated when we play music. Auditory perception is enhanced as we learn to decipher the distinct components which are involved in creating music. These strengthened motor skills may be applied in numerous other aspects of life, allowing musicians to adapt and learn new skills faster.


As mentioned above, the stimulation of numerous physical and aural processes involved in playing music fire up neurons in the brain. The more consistently these neurons fire up when applied to any given task strengthens these connections which may be applied to a number of creative endeavors. The neuroplastic changes in a musician’s brain occur in all areas of the brain which makes playing music an ideal task for overall strengthening of the brain.
In addition, the problem-solving involved with learning music has shown to improve the musician’s performance in areas such as math and science. Starting musical training as a child can be especially beneficial as children’s brains are still in development and these benefits are increased with time.


Playing music in ensembles is very much a team oriented activity, and thus strengthens the skill of communication in musicians. Learning to play in time and in tune with others teaches musicians to learn how to interact and adjust respectively to their peers. Further, playing music is comparable to communication through language and also enhances these areas of learning in the brain.
Strengthening of communication and language is a skill which benefits not only musical endeavors but all other social situations, including learning how to effectively problem solve as a team, which can be a helpful asset in building a career.

Rewarding and Motivating

Playing and listening to music activates the reward processing aspects in the brain, affecting mood and general satisfaction. This can also positively affect motivation in the musician, the consequence of which aids in being a productive and stimulated individual in many areas of life.
The benefits of playing music are vast and aid in the many aspects of leading a productive and stimulated life. These skills easily transfer to numerous elements of being a successful and intelligent human being as well as member of society. As shown above, playing music is not only a fun and rewarding skill, but one that keeps working for you on many levels which pay off throughout a lifetime!
Contact us for more information on how you or your child can get started with music lessons in Houston! Our teachers come right to your home for every lesson, plus we offer virtual music lessons, too. Our online music lessons are taught by local music teachers with live lessons tailored to your child!
By Jennifer Ridout, a Lessons In Your Home Flute and Piano Instructor

Private Music Lessons And Your Brain

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