Piano Lessons – Play Without Using Sheet Music – 5 Easy Steps

It’s not Memorizing, It’s Playing Without Using Music

In my last blog I wrote about if you, the piano student should or shouldn’t read music wile playing in a recital performance. In this article we’ll examine 5 easy steps to not using music wile Playing Piano. These techniques truly apply to all instruments and are not restrictive. If you play Guitar, Drums, Oboe, Trumpet, or Saxophone, read on and you can learn too.

Playing without Music

In that last blog we referenced the word Memorization as something we are not trying to do in playing a piece without music. Playing without music means having intimate knowledge of a piece, so that you no longer need to “look” at the music to perform wile you are playing piano. It’s natural for some, and takes longer for others. The goal is obtainable by everyone, just follow these steps.

Step 1 – Do It In The Lesson

Learning to play without using music is something that you have to do in your in home piano lessons. Get your teachers feedback and advise. If you have a 45-minute music lesson and not using music is a goal, try dedicating 15 minutes each lesson towards not reading the specific piece.  My advice, “relax and concentrate”. Don’t try to force it.

Step 2 – If You Can Sing It You Can Play It

If you can sing it, you can play it. I can just hear you skeptics out there telling me, “my piece doesn’t’ have words how can I sing it?” It’s not that kind of singing. It’s that kind of sing/humming you do when something’s familiar. Singing music like this is also the key to playing by ear (subject of my next blog). Sing the piece in your head, hear the melody, and don’t try to hard.
If you’re playing piano or other instruments that play more then one note at a time, you won’t be able sing all the notes. If you’re relaxed, your brain will let you sing the correct notes, “trust me”.
If you can sing but some but not the whole piece, you will only be able to play what you can sing.  You don’t have to be able to sing the whole piece in Piano Lessons to start learning for to play piano without the music. If you can only do a little, that’s fine.

Step 3 – A Measure, A Phrase, A Section, And Then The Piece

During your Piano Lessons ou most likely learned how to play a measure, a phrase, and a section at a time. Don’t think playing without the music will be any different. You’ll have to take the same steps. Don’t rush it. Remember your first goal is always to play piano music the best you can. Playing without the music is an extra-added bonus, so try not to develop bad habits in how you Play Piano wile your not using music. When you have many sections under your belt, try Practicing Backwards.

Step 4, Your Going To Have to Practice

Doing it in your piano lesson is good, but you’ll have to do it wile your practicing as well. Pay attention to the way you learn in your Piano Lessons and then duplicate that during your practice sessions. Don’t be afraid to go back to the music and see what’s troubling you. It will surprise you what you were reading without giving any thought to. Those small parts that you can’t seam to play unless you have music in front of you are the key to understanding what you don’t know. Be happy that you found them.

Step 5, You Can Play Without Music

You can Learn How To Play Piano Without Reading Music. If you are having issues I ask that you go back to understanding that it’s not memorization. It’s singing. In fact Voice Students who take music lessons don’t use music more then any other instrument. Those same private voice students often have the toughest time reading (they want to be more like you). Take small steps. If you really need help, call or email us. We’d be happy to get you on track. That’s what awesome in home music teachers do.
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