Music Lessons are not just for learning, they are for playing!

What’s one of the best things about being a musician? You get to make music everyday. Whether you are just a beginner or advanced musician music should be a daily activity that brings joy to you and the people that hear it.
Find a time everyday that you can devote a few moments to relax and sit with your instrument. For me, a great way to unwind from the day is to play through a couple of my favorite piano pieces. Sometimes it’s a Mozart Sonata and other times it’s my favorite movie score. It doesn’t matter what the song may be, it’s the point of making beautiful music. Music is everywhere. It’s in the movies and tv shows that we watch, it’s at the grocery stores or malls that we shop, it’s even in elevators!
Try to make music a daily part of your lives at home. Have your child play their songs while the family prepares or cleans up from dinner. Take a quick break from homework and practice a song or two. Play some scales in the morning while waiting for the school bus.
Music is also a great way to bring people together. When the holidays arrive, learn some fun holiday music that the family can gather and sing along to. Have a mini recital at home where all the family members can gather and listen to the wonderful music that is being created.

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