Atlanta Piano and Guitar Lessons, Who’s your teacher?

I recently was at the airport and in the security line when I noticed a couple of young people who where wearing a sweater from Saint Martin Episcopal School. Being that Lessons In Your Home teaches private piano and guitar lessons at this fantastic Atlanta school. I asked the parents if the children attended to which their answer was “yes, they do”. After I introduced myself I asked the kids if they took music lessons and sure enough they did. “Whats your teachers name?” I asked. There answer was surprising, they didn’t know.
As a teacher, you can’t miss the obvious. You also can’t assume. Knowing your teachers name can open the door to a student asking you a question. In a private music lesson there is no name on a door or blackboard. And if the lessons take place in a school program (like these did) a Piano or Guitar students parent doesn’t always remind them of your name. It’s the little things that make students feel comfortable with Music Lessons and being comfortable in a lesson is the first way a student can let you know what they like, don’t like, understand, or don’t understand.
Of course, having figured out who their teacher was, I called the piano teacher when I reached my destination (was visiting Miami and working with our music teachers their). He chuckled and said, “those kids, are you serious, they know me”. Sure enough when he saw them the next week they greeted him by name (thanks mom and dad) and told him about running into me. He did a name check with all his students and found that only two others (newer students) were stumped. Our in-home piano teacher was thankful though to know. I immediately spread the word to all our staff and we learned there is a lot to knowing your teachers name!

4 thoughts on “Atlanta Piano and Guitar Lessons, Who’s your teacher?

  1. Are you teaching in any schools in Orlando? I know some children looking for piano lessons at a school near me and know that you all teach lessons here but am not sure in which schools?

    1. Hi Judy, yes we do teach in schools in Orlando. What you’ll need to do is to talk to us about what school you’d like us to teach in. Of Course, if we don’t teach in the school your children go to we can set up lessons there or we could come to your home.

  2. Hi Jay,
    A dear friend of mine recommended you for my son………..I am in the Lilburn area and my son attends St John Neumann Catholic school, could someone teach at my home?
    Warmest Regards,
    Claire Smith

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