6 Tips For Rocking An Audition

Lessons In Your Home Miami - 6 Tips For Rocking An AuditionAs a musician, eventually, if you are lucky, you will land yourself an audition.  This can either be for a university, a teaching position, or for an existing band. Auditions can be tricky and nerve-racking! Lessons in Your Home in Miami has got you covered! It is important to be prepared both physically and mentally.

 1. Do Your Research.

If you are having private voice lessons in Miami and are auditioning for a particular music group or even a university, you should probably know some things about who or what you are auditioning for. Do your research! Get to know the material, history, and everything you can dig up about who or what you are auditioning for.  Be prepared to talk about it!  Ask questions.  People love it when you come in knowledgeable about their accomplishments.

 2. Practice, Practice, Practice!

If you are auditioning for anything, chances are, you have to prepare an audition piece.  Make sure you have this down. Work out every common error and make sure you can play through them 20 times each without making a mistake just like playing it during your online music lessons. Play through the piece with your eyes closed.  Run through it at least once a day.  Ask your music teacher for any additional practicing tips.  During the audition, you will need to rely heavily on muscle memory, because your nerves will always try to mess you up!  (It’s like that for me, anyway.  I get very nervous at auditions.)

 3. Get A Good Amount Of Sleep And Eat A Good Meal.

Just like the test-taking strategy, it is important that your body feels as good as it can when going into an audition.  If you know you have an audition the next morning, try to go to sleep early.  Plan some time in the morning for stretching, eating a good meal, and relaxing.  Don’t drink coffee unless you’re used to drinking coffee every day.  You should try to feel as normal and healthy as possible.  This will help you relax when the time comes to show off!

 4. Look The Part.

If you are going into a college audition, dress as is you are going into one of their orchestral performances.  If you are auditioning to back a major rock star, go into that audition looking like a rock star.  When people audition you, they are trying to imagine you in the role that you would be fulfilling.  Make it easier for them to see you in that role!  Again, you can ask your Lessons in your home Miami teacher for advice on how to dress, because they have probably been there before.

 5. Relax!

Easier said than done, I know.  Even if your performance is stellar, no one wants to hire a nervous wreck, especially when the desired job requires you to perform on stage for many people.  People look for confidence and composure even more than incredible technical skills.  My good friend who recently landed an audition for an international touring artist told me she was hired mainly on her confidence and her cool and collected attitude.  Go in to the audition with the attitude that you are going to sound great.

 6. Ask Questions.

You’ve done your research about the company that you are auditioning for, but it’s also great to ask questions when you are there based on this research.  Come prepared!  Your questions should show that you have already done your research but you want to know more.  This shows that you are interested in taking on this job and people love to hear your interest in their company.


An audition can be scary, but as long as you are prepared and walk in with confidence, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get the part!  The best way to get better at auditioning is practicing, so go out there and try to land as many auditions as possible.  Don’t be scared of rejection.  Keep practicing and eventually, you will get the position you want. Good luck!

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