Choosing The Right Trumpet Teacher For You!

Trumpet is a really cool instrument to learn how to play.  It is a high range instrument in the brass family that has a very recognizable sound and can be used in many different applications.  We hear trumpets in marching bands, classical orchestras, and jazz music.  With such a spectrum of sounds, choosing the right teacher for you can be essential to getting what you want out of the instrument.Trumpet Lessons At Home

Matching Personalities

Before learning anything, you have to get along with the person who is going to be teaching you about music!  Trumpet teachers come in all shapes and sizes and personalities. Many students want someone who is very outgoing and will talk your ear off about the trumpet.  Others just want a teacher who will get to the point.  Either way, a great teacher must be able to communicate the proper way a trumpet should be played.

Musical Ability

A student should always make sure of the performing level of the trumpet player.  A student preparing for a college audition should not choose a teacher who is a freshman in college.  This student should probably look for an industry professional or college teacher for the best possible advice and instruction to get into a college of their choice.

Teaching Experience

A beginner student who has never played the trumpet before should definitely have one of many experienced trumpet teachers in home.  This teacher should know exactly how to start a beginner student and know all of the tricks of how to explain things to the new student.  An experienced player is not necessarily an experienced teacher.  A teacher with less experience might do a great job teaching trumpet lessons to a student who has already learned the basics.

Playing Style

Choosing a teacher who matches the student’s desired playing style is also very important.  A trumpet player might be interested in learning more about jazz trumpet, classical trumpet, or band trumpet playing.  The student may also be interested in learning to be able to play in a ska band or a salsa band.  If the teacher plays the style of music that the student is interested in, the student will be greatly motivated and excited to play just like his or her teacher someday.

Not Sure?

Many people interested in learning how to play a certain instrument are not sure of the style that they want to play and that is very common and totally fine.  In this case, this student needs a teacher who can expose the student to all different types of musical genres.  Many trumpet teachers in home will show the student videos, or play the student music, or even recommend a great live performance for the student, so they can see the all of the applications of their chosen instrument.
If the student is still not sure which genre they are interested in playing, it’s still totally fine.  The student has a lifetime with their instrument and will be exposed to many different types of music.  It is important for our in-home teachers to start with the basics, get them playing in different ensembles, and the magic will certainly find the student.

In Home

Trumpet teachers in home is a fantastic option in taking trumpet lessons.  This way, the teacher is able to teach the student where they feel the most comfortable – their home!  The teacher slowly becomes a part of the family the relationship between the student and the teacher is both friendly and instructional.  And hey, you don’t have to drive anywhere!


Choosing a trumpet teacher is important, as this person will have a huge influence on the student’s musical life.  If you can’t decide, you can always let us decide for you!

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