What To Know About Your First Music Lesson

So you’ve finally made the decision to sign up for music lessons.  Good for you!  Nervous about that first music lesson?  Don’t be!  The first lesson can and should be exciting and fun!  Here is a list of what to expect from a first music lesson:

A Pleasant Greeting/Introduction

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It’s possible that you may not have met this teacher yet.  Your teacher has most likely experienced many more first lessons than you have so they know how to make you feel at ease.  Your teacher will introduce herself and try to get to know you a little better.  Specifically, they want to know your musical taste and background and what in particular you want to learn.  If you have no idea what you want to learn, that’s fine too!  Your teacher is in control and knows exactly what to teach you.  The introduction process shouldn’t take too long because there is lots of work to be done!

Getting to Know Your Instrument

If this is your first time taking a lesson in this particular instrument, your teacher will take time to explain how the instrument works.  If the instrument is a piano, the teacher might explain that the sound is actually created by hammers hitting strings.  If the instrument is a violin, the teacher might explain the note names of each string.  I teach drums so I always teach the names of the different drums around the drum set and allow the student to hit each drum to get a feel for how they each sound.

How to Hold/Play the Instrument

Now that you know a little bit more about your chosen instrument, it’s time to actually learn how to play it!  Your teacher will explain how your posture needs to be to sit down at a piano bench.  They will explain the proper way to hold a violin bow.  I will explain the proper way to hold a drumstick.  It is important to learn from the very first lesson how to approach your instrument so that every time you go to sit down at your instrument, you are doing it in the best way possible to minimize physical stress and maximize performance.

Playing The Instrument

A great teacher will have you playing your instrument by the very first lesson.  You shouldn’t expect to be playing anything too fancy, but you should be able to play something musical, even if it’s just three notes.  In a music lesson, you should expect to learn how to play music and you can accomplish this by the first lesson.

What to Practice

At the end of the first lesson (or any lesson, really), the teacher will go over with you what you should practice for the next lesson.  A great teacher will be clear about exact what they expect for the next lesson.  The best way to learn any instrument the quickest is to practice regularly between lessons.  You will not be given any material that is too difficult.  Likely, you will practice what you learned in the lesson on this first day.

Feel Proud About Your First Music Lesson

After your first lesson, you should expect to feel proud of what you have accomplished and excited about all future lessons to come.  The first music lesson is a very exciting beginning to a long fulfilling musical journey.  Enjoy every moment of it and try to absorb as much as you can!

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