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Taking in home Orlando music lessons is a really special privilege, but how can you be sure you have a great music teacher? The following list will key you in to what to look for in your music teacher. In Orlando, which is where I grew up, you can find a lot of really excellent music teachers, our Orlando Music Lessons staff included.

The Music Student Is Most ImportantMusic Lessons and Parents

The 1st attribute that “the best” private music teacher should have is ranking you, the student, as the most important factor of your lesson. Great teachers focus in on your needs, goals, strengths and weaknesses. These are private lessons after all. The teacher should base lessons on a reaction to the material, rather than a set plan by the teacher.

Reaction to material is why you can’t ask your teacher what will I be playing in _____ months or years. It’s just the way we learn music privately and isn’t the goal of in home music lessons. The goal of lessons is always to create an independent, fundamentally sound musician who has the ability to learn without a teacher.

Positive Messages

If you are like me and think that music lessons and being a musician is something you enjoy, then your teacher having a Positive message is important to the success of your music Lessons.  Keeping your head up when you are working on music that’s tough or pushes you is the only way you’ll succeed. Encouragement from your instructor will go a long way to help you. Music lessons should be positive.

Confidence In Your Music Teacher

When you go to the doctor and she gives you her prognosis you believe her. You trust that her study and practice of being a physician is leading her to the conclusion. Music teachers aren’t doctors of course, but your teacher should instill a sense of confidence and security in their message. A clear path to learning a lesson is what you should get. A confident teacher pulls from their study and practice.

Music Teachers Have Experience

Music teachers need to have experience to teach properly. This experience is the cumulative time and energy spent Learning an instrument. I also think the best music teachers are the ones that had to work the hardest to learn. When we study music we focus on what we need to know to be better musicians. This focus becomes the strength of a music teacher. For example, I teach piano and as a student, piano technique came easy to me. As a teacher I would say it wasn’t the most natural strength to my teaching skills because I didn’t have a large amount of experience working on technique. Obviously a good teacher spends time learning to teach what their student needs.

The Best Music Teachers are Fanatics

Music teachers should love music. They should be fans of music (you should watch this video link). Not only should the best teachers be fans but also should teach students to be fans. When teachers work with younger students, the students don’t always know why they take lessons because often times the lessons are a recommendation from a parent. This is why teaching private lesson students to become a fan is important.

Teachers Work Hard

The easy lessons to teach are when a student is practicing, doing exactly what you have asked and responding to your lessons. The issue is this isn’t a common occurrence in a lot of Orlando music lessons. Music teachers’ work hard to make their student succeed. The best teachers are persistent and driven about helping students.

Patience Music Teacher

A patience music teacher is paramount to a successful lesson. Although this seams obvious enough there are many music teachers in the world who just don’t have it and usually don’t have the other characteristics of the best teachers either. A patience teacher understands when you haven’t met your goal, can’t grasp a concept, and didn’t practice like you had wished.
Orlando Music Lessons should be fun, exciting, easy, and fulfilling. Having the best teacher is a part of that expectation.
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