Find A Piano Teacher – 6 Benefits To Having A New Teacher

One of the best things about taking private piano lessons is making a lasting connection with your teacher. Private instruction helps the student and teacher make connections that would not happen during a group or large class setting. A teacher can cater their teaching styles to your students needs and learning process. Over the years of lessons teachers and families can make lasting relationships.
However at times your student may need to switch or find a piano teacher due to many reasons and most are not negative. Changing can be a frightening and uncomfortable for the student but it doesn’t have to be. Every teacher has a different style of teaching and way of getting information to your student. If a student stays with the same teacher for their entire musical career they could be missing out on new and exciting ways of learning. Staying positive is always the best approach.
Here are a 6 benefits you can expect when you find a piano teacher.

1. A fresh start

Sometimes students and teachers get in a certain routine when it comes to lessons. A new teacher can help to make lessons and practicing exciting again by showing new techniques and bringing new materials for the student to work on.

2. A new approach

Often teachers have their own way of explaining material to a student such as scales, counting, articulation, phrases, and dynamics. All music teacher will approach these common techniques in their own way. A new teacher may help your student to look at the way that they play or perform a piece of music in a new and exciting way.

3. Practicing

Practicing is important to all teachers. Every teacher will have their own ideas of how best to practice a piece of music. Learning as many practice techniques as possible will help your student to find the best practice technique that works best for them. One teacher may say to practice for 30 minutes everyday where as in another teacher will say to practice every song that is assigned 3 times a day.

4. Fresh ears

Teachers have different strengths and weaknesses. One teacher may focus on melody and harmonies while another teacher would focus of dynamics. A new teacher may be able to show your student new ways of playing a piece of music that they have already worked on with their previous teacher.

5. Setting New Goals

Every teacher wants their students to play at their best and to learn as much as possible. A new teacher can help to set new goals with the students musical ambitions.

6. New Materials

Musical taste differs from teacher to teacher. Some teachers love the classical styles while others tend to move towards more contemporary music. Your new teacher can introduce your student to new and exciting materials.

Your Current Teachers Expectations

It’s important to remember that the decision find a piano teacher is yours. Private Music Teachers have every intention of going the distance with every music student. Every teacher though should always want to do whats best for the student and if that means a change in teacher, that’s fine.

How Lessons In Your Home Can Help

If the feeling that a change in teacher comes upon you there are benefits that taking lessons from LIYH offers. The main one is we can facilitate the change in a proactive way. We of course know the teacher you have and know the  music teacher you are looking for. This can save a huge amount of time and help find a piano teacher easier.

Don’t Lose Progress In your Music Lesson

Since your switching from one staff teacher to another, our teachers will can share notes on your student. Share strengths and weaknesses, thoughts about likes and dislikes, etc. In other words your not going to lose any lesson progress.
If you are changing private music teachers because you want to, need to, or have to. Don’t pressure yourself. Think about the benefits and you’ll make the right choice.
Lessons in Your Home is designed around doing everything in your home. Our teachers will come right to your home for every lesson, plus we offer virtual music lessons, too. However, our online music lessons are being taught by local music teachers with live lessons tailored to your child! Contact us today to learn more.

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