Hurricane Harvey Not Strong Enough To Stop Piano Lessons

When Katie Patterson suggested to her friend Erin Salisbury call us about getting the same teacher she uses for her children, Ashley Baker, she had no idea they’d be taking piano lessons in the same house after Hurricane Harvey hit but that’s exactly what happened.

piano lessons
Janie, Eliot, Audrey, and Allie

Katie said “The first thing my oldest daughter, Elliot, thought about after we flooded was that we lost the piano and that we might not be able to continue with lessons. That truly broke my heart. My friend, Erin Salisbury, graciously offered to let us combine our lessons with her girls’ time, and Ms. Ashley figured out how to make it work in her schedule. It’s turned into a weekly dinner party something we all look forward to!”
Thank you to Erin for helping the Pattersons’ continue lessons and thank you to Ashley and her other students for mixing around some schedules creatively to make all this work.

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