How To Find The Right In Home Music Lessons Teacher

Beginner Guitar Lessons
Finding the right music teacher for your student is a very important part about beginning lessons. It’s one of those things that is seldom talked about and largely misunderstood by parents, students, and teachers. Many parents or students ask for “the best teacher” when in reality a better request is for the “the best teacher for my student.” We all learn, teach, and experience lessons differently and the correct match between student and teacher can sometime make all the difference in the world. One of the best things about Lessons in Your Home is we take care of this for you. We know all of our teachers well, know their styles and schedules and can help set you or your student up for success by scheduling your guitar lesson with a teacher who is a great fit for you or your child. Here are just some of the things we consider and you should consider when looking at a potential teacher.



First and foremost we look at schedules. Besides the obvious fact that we can’t schedule a lesson when you or a teacher is unavailable, there is more to scheduling then this. When you are picking a time for lessons you should not just think of times that your student is physically available, but a time when they are most ready to learn. This will vary from student to student but there are several common sense things to consider. Some students come home from school raring to go and ready to take on the world. For this student, I would recommend an early afternoon lesson on a weekday. Other students have extremely busy schedules: (soccer practice, math tutor, debate club, etc.) and perhaps should not consider taking a lesson at 8:00pm after school. Some students might need weekday nights to focus on homework or other school activities and for that student a weekend lesson might work better.


We also like to look at a student’s personality when matching a student and teacher. A student who is quiet or shy maybe a little apprehensive about taking lessons and would be matched with a teacher with a calmer, low-key approach. An extremely enthusiastic student would do better with a teacher who can match his or her excitement. Luckily, our teachers are very skilled at adapting to our students needs and can work with a wide range of learners.

Goal Setting

I always ask a potential student about his or her goals when learning a new instrument. This is extremely important to know when matching a student and a teacher. For example, a new guitar student who wants to become a heavy metal, shredding guitar hero wouldn’t be a good match for a teacher who is a classical guitar virtuoso. In this case the instruments match, but the styles do not. Again, many of our teachers can teach many styles of the same instrument, but if the students and teacher’s interests align we are more likely to see a long-term partnership between the student and teacher.

Learning Style

Students learn in a countless ways however, there are some main categories to consider: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. Auditory learners will learn best by using their ears to guide them in their practice. They will listen intently to their teacher’s words and demonstrations to guide them in their subsequent practicing. Visual students learn best by seeing written music, watching their teacher play, and written instructions. You might see visual learners watching their teacher’s hands and that image will be the most lasting take away from the lessons. Kinesthetic learners learn by doing. They will repeat sections of music or whole pieces to incorporate the music in their bodies. Those students need to play just as much in lessons as the teacher does. They need to see the teacher demonstrate a skill and try it him or herself.  Our teachers are well versed in all of these styles and will adjust to them as we match students with teachers who work best with their style.


Our teachers can and have taught to all styles or learners and a wide range of students interests and abilities. However, matching students with the right teacher is a top priority for us. When we ask you about your potential student, we are also considering what we know about our teachers to see who would match your students learning style and interests most closely. We find that selecting the best teacher for you student is absolutely essential for successful lessons. Contact us today!

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