How Private Guitar Lessons Can Be Fun

We live in a world where the musical landscape has been irrevocably shaped by amazing guitarists, whose names evoke a sense of adventure and excitement. When one thinks of a guitarist, the mind conjures of images of provocative personalities such as Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards, Eddie Van Halen, James Hetfield, Slash, and Zakk Wylde.
Typically when someone wishes to learn the guitar, it is out of admiration and respect for famous musicians, and the desire to emulate their prowess on stage. In spite of this aspiration, the early stages of picking up the guitar can be difficult and discouraging for many students.
Private guitar lessons offer a unique opportunity to circumvent the discouraging early stages of learning through activities centered on engaging the student’s interest. Below are four ways private lessons can make guitar lessons in Atlanta fun, especially during the tumultuous early stages.

1. Set goals and efficiency

Before the fun can begin, you want to start with goal setting. That way, students can tie back the fun and games you’re suggesting to the goals they’ve set.
Most students (and people in general) feel that their time is precious and valuable, regardless of the task at hand. Even if they’re engaged in something as amazing as learning the guitar in the comfort of their own home, students can feel their time to be wasted if lessons lack direction and purpose.
To address this issue, it is advisable for student and teacher to come together and set realistic goals, with time table for the student to follow. Along with setting lesson goals, attention and care should also be placed on filling the lesson with as much instruction as possible, with little “fat” or redundant time. Keeping lessons short and efficient is the best way to keep the student’s attention and optimize their enjoyment from the session.

2. Engagement with videos

Now that’s out of the way, it’s time to have some fun! To be a rock star, you need the confidence of a rock star. To find it, you first need encouragement. Before beginning your lesson, watch a music video to get the blood pumping, and your fingers itching to strum.
Music videos provide a source from which you, as a student, can draw inspiration from, and set as a long-term goal. Videos, where you can follow along to your favorite guitarist, are especially useful, as they provide a template and point of reference. Guitar lessons offer the opportunity for students to watch these videos before instruction, informing the lesson plan.

3. Lessons tailored to personal interests

Another great way to captivate the student’s interest is to draft a lesson plan tailored to their personal tastes. If the student admires Tom Morello, build the lesson around learning some of the early chords of “Killing In The Name”. If the student prefers the indie sound of “The Killers,” tailor the lesson around a softer alternative rock.
It is important that students learn the basics, but if they lean towards a particular sub-genre, whether it is blues or metal, it is best to curtail the lesson towards teaching them this style. Practice won’t feel like practice for students when they’re practicing music they love.

4. Games to assess learning

No one likes to take a quiz and fail, no matter how hard they want to learn. That’s why it’s best to play learning games with students as a way to assess progress and retention without the explicit knowledge of pass or fail.
Games don’t need to be those of the traditional sense, but rather can be trips up and down scales, the finishing of major and minor chords, and playing favorite songs blindfolded. These learning games serve the role of a quiz without the anxiety and pressure that typically comes along with such an assessment.
Keeping lessons engaging and rewarding not only ensures that students learn, but that they enjoy doing so. When the line between learning and having fun is blurred, the magical power of music is shared with everyone. At Lessons In Your Home, we want every student’s experience to be this way. Contact us today to find a teacher near you.

How Private Guitar Lessons Can Be Fun

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