Easy Piano Lessons

Getting Started
To find a piano teacher that fits is always the starting point to great lessons. When you have a good rapport with your teacher, easy piano lessons are a natural by product. The teacher engages the student and makes the lessons fun and easy. The practice time becomes productive, and the enjoyment of playing makes for enjoyable hours of music. When the teacher is passionate about the music, easy piano lessons seem to flow from that. Many different methods of piano curriculum are available, and a teacher who enjoys what they do, will make those lessons flow and the work something to look forward to by the student and everyone else around. When a piece is completed, or played with ease, the whole family enjoys the experience.
Finding Time To Practice
As with any assigned work, finding a consistent time to have as practice time makes for easy piano lessons. It takes the guess work out of “if” we practiced this week, or “if” I am ready for my lesson. Even if 4 days are set aside as practice days, know that those days, from, say, 4:00-4:25 are spent at the piano. Have a calendar specifically for piano practice and mark off the days that practice is done. This keeps everyone on track and makes the whole process so much easier. Encourage your student to start with the hardest song first. Easy piano lessons will follow when the hard stuff is tackled and it too becomes the easy stuff. Breaking the song down to just a couple measures at a time, and trying hands separately; these two  things take something that seems hard, and puts it in manageable pieces. The results will be quick and rewarding. Cover up half the page if it distracts, only look at a few bars of music and work on those for a time. Then cover up the other half of the song and work on those measures. The song with break down easily and be mastered in no time!

Reward Accomplishment
When a piece is mastered, it is time to celebrate! Part of the reward will be the easy piano lesson that follows. That is a celebration in itself. But another form of reward is always welcomed and can be a great motivator. Stickers and candy are so easy, but make such a big impact with children. They will look forward to getting that reward and be more motivated to practice. Reward should also be given when a a certain amount of practicing is done. Have a 100 minute club. When the student practice a 100 minutes, give an adequate reward-maybe something for 100 pennies, or 100 dimes-maybe even 100 dollars if you are feeling really generous. After a 100 minutes of practice, an easy piano lesson is almost guaranteed to follow!
Benefits to Come
The benefits to easy piano lessons is apparent to anyone sitting in or around the lesson. They flow. There are smiles, and giggles and the music is a joy to listen to. Even a simple melody can brighten a whole house. There is such a sense of accomplishment after the piano lesson that the euphoria lingers in the air and can be contagious to the dinner table, the other siblings, everyone around. When a few things are in play, some good practice time, some rewards for those who need the prompting, and a lot of encouragement, easy piano lessons are the honest by product.
Communication is Key
If things start to get tense, communicate with your teacher and your child. Take a few steps back so that the lessons become easy for a bit, and then dive in again and move forward. Music is one of the things that can truly be a life long pursuit, so keep moving, and eventually the momentum comes back and the music lives on!
Are you ready to get started with your piano lessons?
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