Having Perseverance With Learning Chords And Notes

If you’re reading you probably already know we teach private in-home music lessons all throughout the Denver Metro Area. Wile you are taking your lessons you’ll need to have perseverance to keep learning chords and notes. Never give up and reading below might remind you about going the distance.

Have Perseverance

It can take upwards of two years to get the basics on guitar or piano. These are two instruments that are great for starting out with music lessons. The great thing about both of these instruments, and many others, is that you can play some songs right away. It is exciting to hear an actual melody come out of the instrument you have had sitting around the house or purchased brand new for these lessons. Getting those foundational  skills, however, will require a little more time. Learning the musical staff is like learning a language. The great thing is, if you will stick with YOUR instrument for awhile, a couple years, say, then you are already ahead of the game when it comes time to switch to another instrument that piques your interest.

Chords and Notes

Learning chords and learning notes is something that creates the music. In home music lessons will help teach these things in a fun and motivational way. Learning music with your teacher is engaging the brain in something it really needs and craves. Sitting down and playing “Heart and Soul” is a fun beneficial activity, but it takes some time and practice to get the fingering right when you are playing a I chord; and IV or V7 chord also, for that matter. When you get in the habit of good fingering off the bat, songs like the Entertainer become attainable.

Denver Music Lessons

Music lessons are happening all around with great teachers who are having fun playing popular and classic songs with their students. In home lessons provide an opportunity to be involved and is something to be considered by just about everyone!

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