Top 5 Best Piano Books for Kids 12 and Under

Learning to play the piano at a young age can do wonders for your child’s development. Children who learn to play the piano typically start with an introduction to the instrument and learning the basics. When your child gets started on the fundamentals of playing piano at a young age, those skills can carry on into adolescence and adulthood. Proper hand posture, fingering, and the names of the keys, along with reading sheet music and understanding musical symbols, are all great challenges for a young mind. Along with private piano lessons with a teacher who can provide guidance and feedback, there are also many piano books for kids to help your child build their confidence and make playing the piano more fun.

How to Choose the Right Piano Books for Kids

Every child is different and may learn at their own pace. Two of the most important aspects of learning the piano at a young age include encouragement and positive reinforcement. Help your child as they begin to enjoy the piano and stick with learning how to play with valuable resources like piano books for kids. You want to choose piano books that are appropriate for your child’s skill level and musical interests. There are so many books targeted at various age groups who are learning how to play the piano, including kids 12 and under. These piano books will typically include sheet music for songs that kids can learn to play that also help them develop their reading and playing skills. Piano books can also help introduce kids to the mechanics of playing the piano. Consider piano books with built-in tracking systems like stickers or checklists to help kids take charge of their own progress and accomplishments.

5 Best Piano Books for Children 12 and Under

Choosing the right piano books for kids can be a challenge, but thankfully there are so many options to choose from that meet your child’s age and skill level. Always consider your child’s musical interests and books that can help keep them engaged and motivated. Check out these five best piano books for children 12 and under.

Faber’s Primer Level – Lesson Book: Piano Adventures

Faber’s Primer Level is one of the best method book series designed for children of all ages. This piano book provides a comprehensive approach to learning how to play the piano. Faber’s Primer Level includes clear instructions and engaging content that they can use to practice with their teacher and in between piano lessons.

A Dozen a Day

A Dozen a Day is a popular piano book that has been used for decades in teaching and inspiring children in the art of learning the piano. This book pairs well with songbooks and has a variety of warm-up exercises to help encourage daily practice and exposure to the fundamentals. A Dozen a Day is suitable for kids 12 and under and young beginners.

Teaching Little Fingers to Play

Teaching Little Fingers to Play is a piano book specifically geared toward beginners ages 12 and under. The melodies included in this primer are easy for children to perform with small hands. Teaching Little Fingers to Play also includes ways for parents to get engaged and help their children become little pianists. Parents can also check out the matching duet book so they can play along with their children.

Little Pianist: Piano Songbook for Kids

Little Pianist is a best-seller that incorporates many popular and well-known songs into its repertoire. This piano book also comes with a free audio accompaniment that goes along with short pieces designed specifically with young beginners in mind. Little Pianist is a fun and engaging piano book for children who enjoy popular music and parents who hope to keep their children engaged.

Easy Piano Sheet Music for Kids

Easy Piano Sheet Music for Kids is a fantastic first songbook for kids 12 and under who want to learn how to play classic and familiar piano songs. This is a great resource for children and young players who want to expand their repertoire. Easy Piano Sheet Music for Kids is also a great option for practicing in between sessions with a private piano teacher.  

Remember These When Teaching Piano to Kids!

Teaching piano to kids can be an incredibly rewarding experience for both students and teachers. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Start with the basics: Teaching children the basics at a young age can provide them with a solid foundation as a musician as they grow up. Reading sheet music and playing simple chords and melodies can help young kids become accomplished musicians who may even want to explore other instruments in the future.
  • Make learning fun: Learning to play the piano can be a lot of fun for kids, though you must remember you are competing with many distractions. Incorporating fun into learning the piano is essential for engaging kids 12 and under. Piano lessons for children should include interesting songs, games, and other fun activities to keep them engaged and motivated.
  • Set achievable goals: Talk with kids about what success can look like as a young piano player and set achievable goals they can work toward as they learn. Positive reinforcement for reaching goals and milestones can also go a long way toward fostering engagement in learning to play the piano.  
  • Practice patience: Children learn at their own pace and have unique learning styles, so you want to be patient. Don’t expect children to master complex pieces overnight, and instead, encourage them and offer constructive feedback to help them grow and improve.
  • Use your resources: There are so many resources available for teaching piano to kids, including piano books, videos, and online resources. Private piano lessons with passionate teachers can also help keep lessons interesting and engaging.

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Top 5 Best Piano Books for Kids 12 and Under