Benefits of Private Trumpet Teachers for Band & Orchestra Students

shutterstock_1194401398Almost every school presents an opportunity for students to participate in a large ensemble, such as a concert band or orchestra. Many families and students find that this setting provides a great opportunity to gain exposure to music and learn an instrument. The musical benefits of school band and orchestra are great, and for some students, this experience can lead to excitement for learning their instrument of choice to a greater extent than the school setting allows.
A lot of times, students who are interested in improving their technique and playing ability seek outside help from a private teacher who can work with them on a one-on-one basis.  A trumpet student, for example, can benefit from working with in home trumpet teachers to hone their skills outside of the band or orchestra setting and soon become a top player in their ensemble.

Why Private Music Lessons Outside of School?

Though school ensembles will get students started on their instrument and progressively teach them the fundamentals of technique and note-reading, the component that is missing from the experience is one-on-one attention that examines what the individual student could improve.  Most ensembles have sectional practices that work with one instrument group, like brass, but this still falls under a group lesson setting in which a teacher must divide attention between multiple students.  Also, in sectional practices, the teacher is often concentrating on the composite sound result of all the players performing together as one component of an even larger group.  It is easy to see why private music lessons in Atlanta are a great supplement to learning an instrument strictly at school.
Going back to the trumpet student example, a trumpet teacher who can come to your house will be able to work on refining the student’s embrasure, note-reading skills, and sound quality.  This personalized attention can help in targeting the exact areas that need improvement for the student and lead to greater confidence in playing.

What Students Will Benefit from Private Lessons?

The short answer to this question is all!  Whether a student is the first chair of their section or having trouble keeping up with the group, all students involved in a school ensemble will see the benefit of working with a private teacher.  If the student is advanced and shows a propensity towards music, having private trumpet lessons can provide more challenging repertoire that is out of the scope of what the student would learn at school.  If the student is having trouble, the teacher can address problem areas and help keep them up to speed.
In addition to helping with ensemble interaction, a trumpet student could discover more opportunities outside of the school band or orchestra for performance.  This can include solo works that in home trumpet teachers incorporate into lessons, or preparation for an honors, all-state, or district band outside of school.

Why in Home Private Lessons?

In home lessons are especially beneficial to a student learning an instrument in a school ensemble, as they take place in a comfortable environment outside of the school setting.  Sometimes students can associate practice and performance of their instrument strictly as a school activity and may not see their home as a place of continued learning.  A trumpet lesson in your house, for example, will bring learning to the student, which can help in giving them a different perspective and comfort in their daily routine of practice.  Also, it makes the experience of learning more personal by turning the home into a music school all its own.
Another added bonus is that the parents and student do not have to travel to another location for the lessons, which can be difficult given other after school activities and the demands of extra ensemble practices before or after school.


Students participating in a school music ensemble will benefit from having a private teacher work with them on an individual basis to refine technique and note-reading skills.  Whether the student is advanced or worried about falling behind, a private, in home teacher can give personalized feedback that will lead to improvement, and in many cases, a greater excitement for his or her instrument.  Bringing lessons to your home is a great way to make the connection between a school activity and a personal musical experience tailored to the student’s needs and avoid the travel to another extra-curricular activity.
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Benefits of In Home Trumpet Teachers for Band & Orchestra Students

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