The Pied Piper And In Home Flute Lessons

The Pied Piper And In Home Flute LessonsHave you ever dreamed of maybe one day playing in a marching band or orchestra? Have you thought about which instrument you’d like to play?  The flute is a fun instrument and once learned a student will be able to create wonderful sounds. It is such a great compact instrument that still provides so much sound. That factor in and of itself makes the flute a very versatile instrument. I believe the pied piper fell in love with the flute and the effect it had on people, and I feel certain he probably had a great in home flute teacher!

The Advantages

Having a flute lesson in your home creates a wonderful opportunity for the busy student to experience a relaxed learning environment right in their own home.  Our teachers believe in teaching the fundamentals of each instrument, while creating a fun environment in which to learn.  Many students are playing flute in some kind of group, be it band, orchestra, etc. and many times they need extra help to master the songs they are playing. In home flute lessons is a great advantage for the students to get ahead and really be able to master the music they are required to learn.

Breathing is Key

Funny how much breath support plays a role in so many musical instruments; the flute is no different. Breath support is key to sustaining a consistent pitch and a beautiful sound on the instrument. A teacher will spend a sufficient amount of time teaching breathing techniques that help accomplish this. Picturing a windmill at the back of the room as something you are blowing on is a visual picture that is sometimes used in accomplishing the task of proper breathing. Having students lie on their back and deep breath, forcing the stomach out, not in, is another common exercise that helps focus the breathing for maximum support.

Posture is Key

Proper posture is also something that affects so many areas of life and so many musical instruments also require exceptional posture. The flute is again one of these instruments. When using a side flute, probably the most common of the flute types we see, holding the arm at the proper angle is vital, and this requires good muscle support from the rest of the body. The back being straight and good core strength really do come in handy. The flute is a light instrument and therefore can sometimes be thought of to not take as much thought to posture, but this is simply not true. All the players in a marching band need to show stamina and a good in home flute teacher will help the student to see the places they need to work on their posture and the best position to hold the flute to achieve the goal of beautiful tonality.

Music Reading is Key

Few things become more important to a band instrument than being able to read music. This is also one of the areas I feel an in home flute teacher becomes the most important. The discipline of really learning the notes is something many students aren’t willing to do on their own. The great thing about having a teacher is having someone there to make the whole process fun, and the learning seem natural. Having a teacher to work with and guide the student can be what makes the difference between giving up in frustration because the notes aren’t being read, and a confident player who can pick up a piece of music and play for fun for themselves, or as a vital part of a group!

Timing is Key

Flute timing is critical in good flute playing. Many times the flute is working in conjunction with other instruments. The flute is often a countermelody, or an accompaniment to the other instruments. Learning to achieve the proper timing makes the ensemble of music flow smoothly and reaches the level that one is striving to reach. An in home flute teacher will be instrumental in showing the different time signatures, etc. that are vital to reading music and making the most of the flute!

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