6 Career Paths For Flute Players

Flute PlayersBecoming a professional flutist isn’t an easy path but it is achievable for those individuals with enough talent, passion, and drive to make it happen. One part of every full time musician’s work is devoted to hustling up enough gigs and jobs to keep their budgets balanced. But finding a career as a flutist can be one of the most rewarding things that an individual who has that fire for flute inside of them! Young musicians can seek flute lessons in Seattle to get the proper support developing the skills needed to master their instrument. And by taking lessons from professional musicians, students get a first hand look at the work full time flutists undertake. Private flute students also get a mentor who can guide them in their own unique career options. And by focusing on career goals from early on, a motivated musician can actually realize their dreams. So, let’s talk about what career options are available for flutists.


When envisioning a career flutist the image that pops into my head is a flute soloist, such as Jean-Pierre Rampal, on stage in front of an orchestra, or maybe Ian Anderson in front of Jethro Tull! Indeed, probably one of the most common desires for professional flutists is to perform with their instrument. And there are many opportunities to perform as a flutist that don’t require you to be as famous as Jean-Pierre Rampal! Most major cities have opportunities for flutists in pit orchestras, symphony positions, operas, chamber music, and musical theater. But, these positions can be competitive and because of that securing a seat will require skill, hustle, and drive.

Recording Session Work

Recorded flute tracks are needed across all genres of music from chamber music to rock & roll to funk to hip-hop. Flutists should be well versed in across different music styles if they want to be considered for session work in a recording studio. The projects that come to a recording studio will vary widely and versatile flutists will book the most jobs.


Flutists often end up teaching in one way or another. There are many different opportunities for flutists to teach their craft. K-12 schools have many positions available for Seattle flute teachers. Higher education institutions also have staff and tenure positions. And private flute teachers are in high demand for helping the next generation of middle and high school students learning their instruments.


Musicians need music to play and contemporary music requires contemporary composers! Or how about making amazing orchestral arrangements of old 80s pop hits? Films and commercials need music compositions or unique arrangements for their productions and flutists who are also well versed in other aspects of music theory could also excel in this field.

Music Therapy

Music therapy is a field of work that utilizes music to help people with disabilities. Music therapists use music tools like playing instruments, writing songs, moving to music, etc. to help their patients manage stress, alleviate pain, express feelings, enhance memory, improve communication, and promote physical movement. Music therapists must complete an approved music therapy program from an accredited university before they can find positions in hospitals or practice privately.


In the information age there is an ever growing need for written content. Written copy is needed for articles in places such as online magazines or blogs. And the best specialized articles, such as ones about music, will come from writers who are experts on the subject. If a flutist can also communicate well in writing, this is a great avenue to look into. A musician’s breadth of expertise and experience builds from simple skill like simply holding their instrument to reading music to teaching to performing and beyond.

Many Options

As you might have guessed it is common for professional flutists to weave a few of these career options into a personally tailored portfolio career. In today’s job market it is common across many fields for workers to build their careers from a combination of free lance work, consulting, and personal projects. One major attraction for portfolio careers is that it allows an individual to adjust their schedules so that they can really fine tune how much time they devote towards the projects they are most passionate about. So, for those flutists that really have the internal drive to hustle up their personal career in music, an extremely rewarding career awaits!
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By Sandi Fernadez

6 Career Paths For Flute Players

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