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You know it’s time to get the children started with in-home private music lessons. Maybe the lessons are for you, how about the whole family? You’re smart enough to know that music lessons are important but what about finding a teacher? Do you call a music store? Will their teacher be right for you? Then there’s the getting there; the traffic, hauling the kids back and forth, what about dinner? Yeah – Right! Like that’s going to happen. You don’t need lessons with just any ol’ teacher, especially a task master, intimidating, practice demanding monster that bores students. What you’re looking for is an engaged, fun, well-educated, motivational, big smiling and super excited personality that loves teaching Music. A teacher who makes lessons fun. You already know what you need. You need Lessons in Your Home-the music teachers who come to your home or school to teach fun, private music lessons. Their teachers constantly think of great ways to motivate every student. They turn students into dazzling musicians ready to break out a song and share their talents with the world. Now you’re saying “Hey, this could work” Lessons in your Home teaches piano, guitar, voice, violin, in fact they teach every music instrument you could think of. Getting started is as easy as 1,2,3. 

  1. Give Lessons in your home a call or email
  2. They’ll ask important questions about each student ensuring a teacher that’s best for you 
  3. Schedule and start your lessons. What are you waiting for? Start Lessons now with Lessons in Your Home!

Are you a parent in the Orlando area excited about nurturing your child’s musical talents and providing them with an enriching learning experience? Search no more! Lessons In Your Home offers the convenience of private guitar lessons in Orlando, where a talented music instructor comes right to your doorstep. Support your child as they get started with a rewarding musical experience led by dedicated instructors who meet you at your chosen location. Private guitar lessons in Orlando nurture musical proficiency, inspire creativity, boost confidence, and instill a lifelong passion for the art of guitar playing.

Get Private Guitar Lessons Across Orlando with our World-Class Guitar Teachers

Engaging a world-class guitar teacher for your child’s guitar lessons can make a significant difference in their musical journey and overall development. At Lessons In Your Home, we select the best musicians and instructors in your area with extensive experience and a deep understanding of the instrument. Their expertise ensures that your child receives high-quality instruction, learns proper techniques, and avoids bad habits from the start.

Our private guitar instructors can tailor lessons to your child’s specific needs, goals, and learning style. At Lessons In Your Home, we recognize that every student is unique and offer an adaptable teaching approach accordingly to ensure effective and enjoyable learning. Beyond technical skills, our stellar private Orlando guitar teachers instill a deep appreciation for music, nurturing a lifelong passion that can bring joy and fulfillment throughout your child’s life.

Briahna Sherrod

Briahna Sherrod is a Board Certified Music Therapist who attended and graduated from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida to obtain her Bachelor’s in Music with a Secondary Degree in Education. She attended and graduated from Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida with her Master’s of Music i…

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Jon Cameron Owens

Instrument(s): Guitar, Music Production, Viola, Violin

City: Orlando

Jon Cameron Owens has been playing violin since the age of 6 and the viola since age 8. His performance career has included performances at Carnegie Hall (NY) and the Kennedy Center where he won 1st place awards in the Heritage music festival for his musical playing as well as awards for solo and ensemble ev…

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Michael Grier

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Guitar, Piano, Ukulele

City: Orlando

Michael Grier has taught guitar, bass, and beginner piano for the past 11 years and has performed for the past 15 years in the Central Florida area. He began his study of music during middle school with a deep interest in the rock and pop music of the time, which quickly blossomed into a love of all genres of…

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Jordan Christenot

Instrument(s): Guitar, Piano, Ukulele

City: Orlando

Jordan Christenot is a guitarist, pianist, percussionist, composer, and artist serving the greater Orlando area. Originally from Fort Walton Beach, Florida, Jordan has been passionately playing instruments since 1994. His early lessons covered piano works by Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, and Chopin. In 1995, Jorda…

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Olivia Skaja

Instrument(s): Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Viola, Violin

City: Orlando

Olivia Skaja (b. 1998) has been playing the violin since age nine, first starting in her local strings program in northern Minnesota. She has studied with notable teachers including Francesca Anderegg, Nathan Cole, Natsuki Kumagui, and Alex DePue. She attended St. Olaf College, where she received her Bachelor…

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Colton Stone

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Drums, Guitar, Piano

City: Orlando

From an early age, Colton was in love with music. Starting with dancing under the seatbelt in his parents car whenever the radio was on, it wouldn’t be long before he picked up an instrument. His first introduction to playing music was picking out songs by ear on a keyboard his father found in a trash bin. Af…

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Daniel Torres

Daniel Torres is a career musician (bassist, guitarist, drummer, music production) born and raised in Bridgeport, CT. He attended Berklee college of music and studied music business and performance. For the past 10 years he has worked as a freelance musician and studio engineer in New York City. Daniel has e…

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Ryan Lewert

Instrument(s): Composition, Drums, Guitar, Piano

City: Orlando

Meet Ryan Lewert, a down-to-earth and highly skilled multi-instrumentalist who is passionate about music education. With a relatable and approachable demeanor, Ryan combines his expertise with a professional approach to create a unique learning experience for his students.

Ryan’s musical journey began at t…

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John Apostolides

John Apostolides is a passionate teacher who believes in every student’s right to learn. He enjoys teaching music just as much as he does performing it. In central Florida public schools, Mr. Apostolides is a certified full-time teacher. He teaches music theory, music history, instrumental music, and music …

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Daniel Torres

Daniel Torres is a career musician (bassist, guitarist, drummer, music production) born and raised in Bridgeport, CT. He attended Berklee college of music and studied music business and performance. For the past 10 years he has worked as a freelance musician and studio engineer in New York City. Daniel has e…

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What Families Say About Us

Unleashing Young Musical Talents: Tailored Guitar Lessons for Kids

Guitar lessons offer a world of benefits for children of all ages, and as parents, you’ll be thrilled to witness the positive impact on your child’s life. Beyond the joy of learning to play beautiful music, guitar lessons instill essential life skills. They foster discipline, concentration, and patience, all of which are valuable qualities that extend far beyond the music room. Your child will experience a boost in self-esteem as they conquer challenges and achieve milestones in their guitar journey.

Private guitar lessons also promote creativity, enhancing your child’s  ability to express themselves through music. Whether your child aspires to be a professional musician or simply wants to explore the joys of playing an instrument, guitar lessons provide a rich and rewarding experience that nurtures a lifelong love for music and personal growth. Private guitar lessons also instill the importance of practice and dedication, teaching your child valuable life skills like patience, discipline, and time management. These qualities will serve them well not only in their musical pursuits but also in their academic and personal life.

What To Expect When Joining Our Orlando Guitar Lessons

Overall, private guitar lessons can be a valuable investment in a child’s musical and personal development. Lessons In Your Home private guitar lessons in Orlando provide convenience and comfort, eliminating the need for travel to a music school or instructor’s studio. This can save time and make it easier for busy parents and students to fit lessons into their busy schedules. Additionally, learning in a familiar environment can help students feel more relaxed and at ease, facilitating a better learning experience.

Our in-home lessons can also be tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the student, allowing for a personalized curriculum and individualized attention. It also allows parents to observe and participate in their child’s learning process, fostering a deeper connection and understanding of their progress. Overall, private guitar lessons at home combine convenience, personalization, and a comfortable learning environment, making them an attractive option for many aspiring guitarists.

What Makes Lessons In Your Home the Best Choice for Orlando Guitar Lessons?

Choosing the ideal location for your child’s musical education in Orlando is a significant decision. At Lessons In Your Home, our dedication to excellence distinguishes us as the premier choice. With our highly skilled instructors, personalized teaching methods, and the convenience of in-home or virtual lessons tailored to Orlando residents, we guarantee that your child’s guitar learning journey is not only enriching but also a truly enjoyable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Orlando Guitar Lessons

Do you offer guitar lessons in other neighboring cities near Orlando?

Absolutely! We offer private guitar lessons across Orlando, including Apopka, Lake Mary, Windermere, and Winter Park.

How much do Orlando guitar lessons cost?

The cost of private guitar lessons can vary based on the location and duration. Please contact Lessons In Your Home for specific details on pricing.

Do you offer piano lessons in any Orlando schools?

We collaborate with certain schools to provide guitar lessons. Learn more about our Music In Your School program.

What are the available schedules for your Orlando guitar lessons?

We provide flexible scheduling options to fit seamlessly into your family’s daily routine. Our instructors will collaborate with you to identify a lesson time that suits your needs and preferences.

How can I book my first guitar lesson with you?

Booking your first guitar lesson with Lessons In Your Home is easy! You can reach us on the phone, over email, or by filling out our simple web form so one of our team can reach out and guide you through the process.

Are recitals required when enrolled in Lessons In Your Home guitar lessons?

At Lessons In Your Home, we don’t require students to participate in recitals, though they are encouraged! Recitals can be a great way to show off all that you have learned with your private guitar lessons.

Do you only offer private Orlando guitar lessons?

We offer private guitar lessons all across the US. Check out our full list of cities where you can find private guitar lessons in your area.