Will Guitar Lessons Teach You how to Tune Your Guitar?

We get the question all the time when students sign up for lessons. Will I learn how to tune my guitar? The answer of course is yes but I think the real question people are trying to ask is why is my guitar out of tune.

You use your guitars “tuning pegs” to adjust the tune of your guitar.

A guitar goes out of tune often. How often depends on the instrument, environment the guitar is in, the age and type of the strings on the guitar and how often the instrument is played. The good news is that a guitar going out of tune or not being in tune is normal and expected.  When you learn to play you also learn how to tune it.
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One thought on “Will Guitar Lessons Teach You how to Tune Your Guitar?

  1. A great and true observation! Strings are like rubber bands. When first put on, you are stretching them for the first time. They must reach equilibrium before they can maintain any semblance of intonation. This is typically the reason that brand new guitars (and new strings) need frequent re-tuning. The only thing I would add is that my younger students sometimes become upset or guilty when strings break – as if they have broken the instrument. Parents have even remarked, “They broke their guitar while trying to tune the strings.” This is a grave exaggeration. First, nothing is broken except the string. And second, this is perfectly normal and easily fixed. Just like a rubber band, strings will break under the right circumstances.

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